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Hilal Kids English

Protecting the Environment Save Water, Save Life

February 2024

“Oho! I have told you many times not to do this. Haven’t I?" 
Fahd was about to drink water directly from the bottle when his mom cautioned him. She took the water bottle from his hand.
“Please Mom! I’m so thirsty.” He protested. Fahd and Ahad were just back from the playground. 
“Sit down and allow your breath to settle first. Wipe off the sweat.” she handed over a small towel to him.  
“Now take the required water in a glass just like Ahad,” she explained while placing the glass in front of him. 
“My poor bro, every time mom tells you the right way to drink water. But you hardly follow.” said Ahad in a humorous way. By the time Fahd poured water and drank it in one breath.
“Oh, you forgot to follow the Sunnah.” 
“What?” Fahd rolled his eyes.
“Did you recite Bismillah before drinking water?” inquired Ahad.  
“Yes and after drinking it, I said Al Hamd o Lillah too.” replied Fahd. 
“But you drank it in one go. We are supposed to drink water in three sips. And must look carefully before drinking water to check nothing has fallen in it. One can easily fulfil all the six Sunnahs of drinking water.”
“Huh, I know! Why do you act so smart?” the 12-year-old Fahd replied to his twin, angrily.
    Lunch was ready, and they were in a mood to leave the kitchen after having food.
“What’s up guys?” asked their elder sister Sara in cheerful voice while entering the kitchen. It was her duty to serve lunch and do dishes.
“They are having a discussion over water.” replied their mom while smiling.  
“I see. You know World Water Day is around the corner. It is on 22nd of March. This year the theme to observe this day is “Leveraging Water for Peace,” said Sara.
“Yes, I know. One molecule of oxygen and two molecules of hydrogen makes H2O (water). Water is the source of life. It is impossible to imagine life without it.” Fahd confidently elaborated. Last year in connection with World Water Day, he delivered a speech at his school.
    “Do you know there are countries where a fine is imposed for wasting water? Ahad informed. 
    “Water is the basic necessity”, Sara said and added, “about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water. But you will be surprised to know that only 1 percent of this is clean drinking water. Unfortunately, Pakistan is one on top of the countries’ list where clean drinking water is used most carelessly. And guess what, Pakistan is the third country in the world that is facing severe water crisis.” she seemed well informed.
    “Sis, you sound like the H2O ambassador? You just need a mike!” said Fahd in a jolly mood. His spontaneity brought smile on everyone’s face.
“Yeah sure…” she smiled while bending her neck. Then said, “We are wasting the precious blessing of water with both hands. In big cities, water is bought for domestic use and then each drop of water is used carefully. But the case is totally different where water is easily available. It is essential for drinking, bathing, cleaning, cooking, and gardening. It is necessary for agriculture and industries.”
    “Can’t we start conserving water at our own level?” Mom said.
“How?” Fahd asked.
“Better we think about it. Let’s start it from home.” Sara said while serving the lunch. Both Fahd and Ahad nodded their heads, affirmatively.
    Next day in the school, Fahd, Ahad and Sara remained too much busy. Their teacher gave them an assignment on “Practical ways to conserve water in daily life.” It made Fahd and Ahad happy as they were already working on it.
“How sad! We have been ignoring such an important matter for a pretty long time. We have been considering these things as petty, which could actually be helpful in saving water. There are millions of kids around the globe who do not have access to clean and fresh drinking water.” Ahad and Fahd concluded while completing their assignment. After the dinner, both requested their parents to stay in the lounge. After sometime, the twins showed up wearing strange but exciting outfits. Ahad was representing “Planet Earth”, and there was a sticker on Fahd’s shirt, saying: “I’m water, save me please!”
      “Hello! Meet my friend, Water! He is going to tell you his tragic story.” As soon as Earth introduced Water, Water started crying.
“I’m in pain. You guys are mistreating me…” said Water. It made Sara and her parents conscious.
“Majority of humans do not bother to shut the tap while brushing teeth and soaping the face. They do the same to the shower. Men let water flow from the tap while shaving. And women hardly bother to stop water flow when doing dishes, washing, cleaning fruits and vegetables, etc. You people talk too much about me, and advise others for saving water, but hardly anyone of you cares about or acts upon.”
    Earth and Water looked at each other, with thoughtful eyes. “Everyone must save water for himself or herself, as well as for coming generations. Without water, I would starve and all creatures wouldn’t be able to survive.” said Earth in a firm voice. 
“Either it’s agriculture, industry or domestic affairs, it is need of the hour to start a “Save Water, Save Life” campaign right now.”
    “Sorry dear Water! You are right. We owe to play our part. True value of water is known to those who crave for every drop of water, either buy it or walk miles to fetch it...” dad spoke for the first time.
“What can we do for you?" asked mom. She wanted to check how efficiently children had done their assignment.
“Humans need to change their habits. Not only for future generations, but for the fertile land of Pakistan. I have simple solutions. Please start it from yourself.” said Water while picking up a placard saying: 
“Practical ways to conserve water in daily life” 
-    Don't let water flow while brushing teeth and soaping your face.
-    Avoid long showers and baths. When shampooing and soaping in shower, keep the water off.
-    While washing hands, make sure to shut the tap to save water every time.
-    Water the plants with the shower can, either early or in evening to avoid evaporation.
-    Use a water bucket to clean the floor and car instead of pipe.
-    When doing dishes, don’t let the water run from the tap.
-    Reserve the rainwater for watering plants later. 
-    Watch out for leaky toilets, showers and taps to save hundreds of gallons.  
-    Look into water recycling options at school and home. 
“Great! I promise to play my role. Will consciously try to save water while doing daily chores.” said Sara.
    “We too…” said twins and happily hugged their parents. Both were eager to not only perform on Water Day in school but firmly practice the useful ways to save water.
    Dear friends! Will you?

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