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Tuesday, July 16, 2024 11:20
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Hilal Kids English

Together is Better

January 2024

In the vast blue Pacific Ocean, there lived since ages countless creatures of various species from the smallest plankton to the largest whale ever. Deep down in the warm water, there were two tiny fish, named Hoppy and Remo, who lived in a vibrant coral reef. Remo was a plucky clownfish with exciting orange and white stripes, while Hoppy was a friendly golden blue tang with glittering scales.
    Despite the difference in appearance, Hoppy and Remo were the best friends. They in the day time used to go to school regularly, and later spend free time swimming happily through the coral reef. Both were happy to play games, do fun activities and explore their world together.
    It was a lovely bright Sunday when Hoppy and Remo decided to race deep underwater. While swimming happily, they found themselves in the dense and dark section of the coral reef. Suddenly, they realized the presence of large, predatory fishes lurking nearby, eyeing the smaller fishes in the reef impatiently. It was enough to get them scared. Both knew that they needed to be careful and cautioned, yet didn’t want to let fear ruin their fun. So, both friends quickly left that section and continued to play. 
    After some days, Hoppy and Remo again went to the dense part of the coral reef while playing, out of curiosity. 
“Oh! Look, tiny creatures are here again…”, a big fat fish said in a taunting way while swimming desperately in a circle around them. 
    “Oh poor kids…”, said another one and everyone around them started laughing. Their weird behaviour left Hoppy and Remo a bit nervous.
    Big fishes believed that they were superior and powerful on the basis of their size, appearance and strength and thus used to discriminate the smaller fishes around. 
“Well, this is not fair to look down upon the smaller fish. We are not inferior…” said Remo in a strong voice.
    “Oh really…” a large fish with big teeth named Muggy said irritably, and both the friends left the place in panic.
    Later on, even in the school, the big fish started bullying Hoppy and Remo and they were forced to stay away from other fellows. Both began to feel isolated and alone, with no allies around.
    One day, a group of the large fish was luckily swimming through the coral reef when they noticed that one of their own – a big and powerful catfish – had become trapped in a crevice in the reef. Despite their strength and size, they were unable to free their friend from the tight space. 
    Hoppy and Remo were nearby; they quickly realized that something was wrong there. Both were the smallest fish in the community, and had always been treated badly by the large ones. However, both knew that every creature was important and possessed something valuable to offer. 
    “Don’t worry, we are here to help…” said Remo and Hoppy, seeing the group of large fish in confusion and panic.
    Using their tiny but powerful fins, both friends swam over. Without hesitation they squeezed into the crevice and began to nibble away at the coral that was trapping the catfish. It was not easy but both remained determined. Finally, after several tense minutes, they managed to free a big fish. 
    The group of large fish was amazed to see their effort, sympathy and kindness. They thanked Remo and Hoppy for the much needed help and felt sorry for everything bad they did to tiny fishes.
    That was the time when large fish realized that every species had something valuable to offer, regardless of their size, appearance or strength. They made a vow to never discriminate against any member of their community again, and they welcomed the smaller fishes back into their school and social circle. 
    Remo and Hoppy, who had once been an outcast, were now admired as heroes and cherished members of the community. 
    From that day on, Hoppy and Remo became friends of big fishes. The incident made them realize that they could always count on each other in times of need, no matter what challenges they might face in their world, underwater.
    As they all swam through the beautiful coral reef, they were grateful for the amity that had brought them together and the bravery that kept them safe. They assured that they would always be there for each other, come what may, and that their bond would continue to grow and flourish.
    Now all the fishes of the ocean swim and play together. They respect and value each other for their unique characteristics, nature and strengths. They understand that it is only through unity, empathy and cooperation that they can survive and thrive in the vast, mysterious world of the ocean.