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Sunday, July 21, 2024 22:25
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Hilal Kids English

Forest Friendship

November 2023

In the heart of mystical forest, where old trees whispered secrets to the wind, resided a curious squirrel named Squeaky. Squeaky was unlike any other squirrel in the forest, for he possessed a tiny, shimmering acorn that held the power to grant a single wish.
One sun-dappled morning, as Squeaky scampered along the mossy path, he stumbled upon Rosie, a kind-hearted rabbit with eyes filled with tears. Rosie’s once-vibrant garden, the pride of the forest, was wilting, and she couldn’t bear to see her beloved plants suffer.
Squeaky, with a heart as big as his curiosity, offered Rosie his magical acorn. Her wish was simple but heartfelt – she wished for her garden to bloom once more, teeming with colorful flowers and even talking vegetables.
As Rosie’s wish unfolded, the garden erupted into a vibrant spectacle. Enchanted daisies sang melodies, chatty carrots told tales of their underground adventures, and mischievous radishes cracked jokes that made everyone laugh.
However, as the garden flourished, Squeaky's acorn lost its magic, leaving him without his cherished treasure. Determined to help their friend, Rosie and her newfound companions, including talking daffodils and a wise oak tree, gathered to plan a quest to find the elusive Acorn Sage, who might restore Squeaky's acorn.
Their journey was an enchanting adventure filled with talking animals that offered riddles to solve, mysterious glades shrouded in mist, and a magical waterfall that granted wishes, but only to those who truly understood their hearts.
Throughout the quest, they encountered forest spirits, cunning foxes, and even a comical, riddle-loving owl who guided them closer to their goal. Along the way, they discovered that friendship was the greatest magic of all, and the bonds they formed became as valuable as the acorn's magic.
In the end, as Squeaky gazed at his acorn, he realized that the true magic lay in the love and friendship he had found. The mystical forest was forever changed, now radiating an even deeper enchantment, and Squeaky's heart was brimming with joy.
In that magical forest, the friendship between Squeaky and Rosie flourished like the garden they had saved, and they, along with their newfound friends, lived in happiness and harmony, a testament to the enduring magic of love and companionship.

Do You Know?
-    Right side of a body is controlled by left side of brain, and left side of the body is controlled by right side of brain.
-    Sciatic nerve is the biggest nerve in human body.
-    Our body produces new cells to replace damaged cells.
-    In the process of mitosis, two new cells are produced which are the exact copy of each other.
-    UNO (United Nations Organization) was formed on 24 October 1945.
-    Pakistan is the first Muslim country that became nuclear power on 28 May 1999.
-    Neptune and Uranus may contain vast oceans of liquid diamond.
-    A day on Venus is longer than its year because Venus has an extremely slow rotation taking longer to complete one rotation than it does to orbit the Sun.
-    The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is a colossal storm that has been raging for at least 350 years.
-    Space is like a giant, endless playground where there are no lines, no walls, and no ground.

(Contributed by Umer Yasin)