Myths and Realities in the Book Dead Reckoning: Memories of 1971 Bangladesh War by Sarmila Bose

Myth: Pakistan Army raped girls in Dhaka University’s hostel during Operation Searchlight on March 25, 1971.    Reality:The girls hostel had been emptied before the Operation began.

Myth: 3 million Bengalis were killed by Pakistani troops.    
Reality: In 1972, Bangladesh Home Ministry received about 2,000 complaints of deaths at the hands of Pakistan Army. “3 million deaths” was a narrative of Mujibur Rahman.

Myth: West Pakistani Army was the 'occupying force' whereas Indian Army was a 'liberation force'.    
Reality: Pakistan Army was present in its own province like any other provinces.

Myth: Armed activities against non-Bengalis had been carried out solely by Mukti Bahini guerrillas and not by the Indian Army.    
Reality: According to Maj Gen Sukhwant Singh,'…the Indian Army was asked to take over the guidance of all aspects of guerilla warfare on 30 April [1971].'

Myth: India entered the war in December 1971.    
Reality: India had already decided to launch a military operation in East Pakistan when Mrs. Gandhi came to Washington in early November 1971 pretending that she was still seeking a peaceful solution.

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