For Regional Peace (From Editor's Desk)

Pakistan has been fighting war on terror for over a decade now. As a consequence of 9/11 incident in USA, Pakistan emerged as the frontline state in this war and since then is battling on many fronts. Despite many challenges, Pakistan's commitment to eradicate the menace of terrorism, both politically and militarily has been unwavering. In kinetic realm, Pakistan Army carried out many successful operations in FATA, Swat, and other areas, sacrificing thousands of its officers and men, lost precious equipment, and is still engaged in Operation Zarb-e-Azb. In execution of these operations, security forces have full backing of the government as well as people of Pakistan. Implementation of National Action Plan (NAP) and conduct of successful operations against all terrorists without any discrimination bears testimony to Pakistan's commitment to eradicate the menace of terrorism. Not only at domestic level but Pakistan believes in regional approach to address the issue of terrorism. Pakistan follows the policy of cooperation with all countries of the region to eliminate terrorism from the region through mutual support. As a manifestation of this policy, Pakistan has made considerable efforts to improve relations with Afghanistan. Recent bilateral visits between civil and military leadership of both countries and a joint resolve to address the issues are steps in the forward direction. Pakistan's assistance and help to curtail insurgency in Sri Lanka has always been acknowledged by top Sri Lankan leadership. Similarly, China has always supported Pakistan's stance against terrorism that was clearly visible during recent visit of Chinese President to Pakistan. COAS also visited Russia in June 2015 and interacted with their civil and military leadership who appreciated Pakistan's resolve to fight terrorism and acknowledged sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in this war.


In contradiction to Pakistan's approach towards regional cooperation for combating terrorism, Pakistan's neighbour India has always been found intruding, intimidating, and abetting troubles in other regional countries. Ironically, Pakistan has remained prime target of Indian treacherous and expansionist policies. Pakistan's quest for peace in the region has always been hampered by Indian provocative and belligerent policy aimed at establishing hegemony in the region through unfair use of power. This behaviour is not in line with international norms of mutual coexistence. The involvement of Indian spy agency RAW in destabilizing operations in Balochistan, Karachi, FATA and other parts of Pakistan is now an open secret. The policy of aggression by Indian top leadership towards its neighbours, especially Pakistan, repeated ceasefire violations at Line of Control and Working Boundary, and supporting non-state actors for unleashing acts of terrorism inside Pakistan are adversely affecting peace in Pakistan. The recent statement by Indian Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar about sponsoring terrorism as a state policy against Pakistan further clarifies Indian policy about its neighbours and the region.


Peace in South Asia is vital for the peace of world. Pakistan cooperates with other countries of the region and always extends full help towards peace promotion and peace establishment. It is time now that world community and organizations like the United Nations must take notice of India's irresponsible behaviour that is detrimental to regional and world peace. India must be told to stop sponsoring terrorism that has the potential to escalate tensions in the region.

The present Indian Policy is detrimental to the world peace, too.


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