About Us

Hilal is a monthly bilingual magazine of the Pakistan Armed Forces with a long and rich history dating back to 1948.  Over the course of more than half a century Hilal has delivered news and analysis which has informed the public, government, policymakers and its national as well as international audience through its online and print publication. Through the contributions of scholars, academicians, officials and experts covering global and domestic security, environment, geopolitics, social issues and human security, the magazine provides insight to its readers about the security environment that Pakistan functions in. 

Initially launched as a weekly magazine in 1948 from Malir with the name of ‘Mujahid’, the magazine has the honour to carry felicitation messages by the Founder of Pakistan and other top civil and military leadership in its initial editions. The magazine grew with Pakistan and covers all historical events from 1950s onwards. While going through the archives of the magazine, one gets a chance to read many unique events which would otherwise be lost in history. 

The name of magazine was changed to Hilal in 1951 and switched frequency to twice a week. In October 1952, the magazine became a daily for few years and was again reverted to the status of weekly in 1964. In August 2007, the magazine expanded to embrace publication of English Edition alongside Urdu and was published as a single monthly bilingual magazine. From November 2014 Hilal English and Hilal Urdu are being published as separate magazines. It remains the premier defence print publication with its editorial scope spanning a wide range of subjects coming from the first-rate writers and thinkers in the country. The magazine is dedicated to delivering trustable and extensive analysis and information pertaining to Pakistan.