Editor's Note

The Defence and Martyrs Day is not only a commemoration of the valor and sacrifices of our shuhada and ghazis who fought for the defence of the freedom and peace that we enjoy, but it is also a day to renew our resolve as a nation to secure our country from existential challenges by standing united and making any and all sacrifices that it may require; the day is also a celebration of the nation’s courage, strength and support to its defenders whenever faced with adversity. 
And while we are greatly indebted to the men who have taken it upon themselves to secure Pakistan from external and internal threats, we also appreciate their family and friends who make their own contribution by giving support to these defenders in service of the motherland. Nothing can be achieved by an individual alone and so, such unity and support serve as the backbone of the defence of the country. The courage of those who are left at home, particularly the women, is just as great as the men who are defending the country against a myriad of adversities. It is for this reason that we feel it is important that we highlight the struggles and fortitude of those left to pick up the pieces in our stories — stories that serve as inspiration for the rest of us.
The Defence and Martyrs Day, this year, has a much more nuanced significance than previous years; the country is facing natural calamity in the form of devastating ‘super floods’ ravaging lives and livelihoods all across the country. And AS with all challenges that threaten the nation, the Armed Forces are playing a leading role in tackling this one as well — from evacuation of the affected to undertaking relief operations, our forces are doing it all, and have even laid their lives in their efforts to help their distressed countrymen and women. We cannot even begin to express our gratitude as a nation to the families of the Lasbela martyrs who proved yet again that our Armed Forces will answer to any and calls to serve, and will make any sacrifice demanded of them. Each new addition to the list of martyrs makes it even more imperative upon the rest of us to make sure that we help build our country even stronger. 
Pakistan faces threats not only from without but from within as well, which our Armed Forces are tackling with exceptional diligence with the backing of the whole nation; this is the resolve that will enable us to survive anything. However, it is important for us to recognize what is required of us in any given circumstance and put the interest of the country before anything else. This September 6, let us reaffirm our commitment to Pakistan that we will stand united as a strong and proud nation capable of fending off any menace that poses a threat to our country. HH

Nadia Zubair
Email: [email protected]

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