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While there is a diversity of topics being covered in Hilal for Her this month, the articles about women’s health are of particular significance since success in all other aspects of life depends on optimal health of an individual. In the fast-paced life of today, many of us struggle to find time to take care of our health and general wellbeing. However, the fact is that we would be unable to tackle the many challenges and demands of this very lifestyle if our health is compromised. Women’s health, and taking care of it is crucial in this regard. Women represent the cornerstone of a family’s overall health, as their good health can lead to improved health for their children and families, as well as the wider society; the health of families and communities is no doubt tied to the health of women. Despite this, because of the many roles women play, they too often lose focus on their own health but it is of vital importance that women take the time to maintain good health for themselves. We have tried to cover different aspects of health and wellbeing of women in this issue, with particular focus on the physical, mental, and emotional health of women as well as the importance of exercise for maintaining optimal health.
In Importance of Health for Women Empowerment, the writer discusses how the goal of uplifting women cannot be achieved if their health is not taken into account; no woman having health issues can do much with her life. Various measures that need to be taken to rectify the less than desirable state of women’s health in our country have also been outlined.  Health – the Productivity Vital Sign elucidates how important health is for an efficient and productive working woman, as well as what needs to be done for employees’ health at the organizational level to make sure they give their hundred percent. Linkages between Physical and Mental Health attempts to decipher how physical and mental health are intertwined and neither can be maintained without the other. Finally, Aerobics and Your Health elaborates on how exercise is critical for maintaining good health.
Good health should be a priority, however this can be difficult for many women who lead busy lives and don’t take the time needed to stay on top of their health and wellbeing. By taking care of your health and making positive changes that can last a lifetime, you are making an investment in your future. Furthermore, investing more time in yourself means you are better able to look after the ones you love and care about.
In addition to these, we have also included a report on the JS Pak Day Parade, 2022, highlighting the participation of the female contingent and its significance with respect to women’s contribution in our national life.
Finally, since April will be spent observing the holy month of Ramzan, we have included Ramzan: A Time to Reboot Your Health and Spirituality to help women keep perspective during this blessed time and make the most of it.
We hope that this issue will be a pleasure for you to read.
Ramzan Mubarak

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