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As the sun sets on 2019, we cannot but look back and marvel at how far we have come. Hilal for Her strives to do its part by publishing a rich content and has created a niche for itself by catering to a diverse readership, bringing to them a variety of articles; from stories about issues and challenges to those that inspire and motivate, from articles that help understand the law to those that bring awareness about the opportunities available to women, from environment to self-care, entertainment and recreation, Hilal for Her covers it all with the hope, to help make a positive change in society.
In this issue we have included stories that will help budding entrepreneurs with launching and making of their startups success stories. The interview with Maria B. will help them understand how to achieve success. Guidelines for a Successful Startup will make them aware of not only how they can avail the Youth Empowerment Scheme but will also provide some tips about starting a promising business.
This issue of Hilal for Her also covers challenges faced by mothers, particularly new mothers, and how to overcome them. These articles stress the need for self-care and sharing responsibility to deal with the many challenges of everyday life effectively, in order to create a healthier and happier environment at home.
For a strong and empowered woman, good physical and mental health is essential. As we see a resurgence of sports activities in Pakistan, women can be seen participating in diverse sports, from archery to martial arts, to swimming, running and team sports like cricket, hockey, volleyball, etc. The Bangladesh women cricket team’s tour of Pakistan was a highlight of 2019, where not only our national women cricket team’s outstanding performance was a treat for cricket enthusiasts but we also showed the world that we are a safe country. The British Army’s women hockey team also toured Pakistan to play the Pak-UK Army Women Hockey Series, 2019, held at Army Stadium, Rawalpindi. Although the Pakistani teams lost most matches, the healthy competition and the coaching session with the British players, along with the experience of playing against them, is sure to build the confidence in our girls and polish their talent. There is no dearth of sporting talent in Pakistan. This is just as true for women as it is for men, as was evident during the 33rd National Games where women from all over Pakistan competed in various events and categories. Not only this but Pakistani women also proved themselves internationally at the XIII South Asian Games with Shahida Abbasi and Nargis Hazara winning a gold each, in Karate.
December is also the month of Quaid’s birth. It was his dream that Pakistan should emerge on the world stage as a progressive andprosperous nation with its women taking part in national life, side by side with men. With more and more women doing so, we hope that the years to come will see his dream become reality, where women will play a pivotal role in building Quaid’s Pakistan.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! HH

Nadia Zubair
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