Editor's Note

23rd March or Pakistan Day brings to mind the ideals that were set for us by our Founding Fathers. But even though it might seem like these high ideals are political, economic and social in nature, they equally emphasized the role of women in the great cause of nation-building. In order for Pakistan to realize its great destiny, its women have a central part to play. While we appreciate the dynamism of women in the struggle for Pakistan, and in nation-building and progress of the country since its creation, the journey continues. 
Of all the diverse roles women play, none is more important than that of mothers because mothers are the real builders of a nation; they are responsible for bringing up the next generation. The ideals and values they instil in their children are what determine the height of glory that a nation can achieve. They are the ones who mould us into responsible and productive citizens. Throughout history, this central role of women has ensured the stability, progress and long-term development of any nation.
In order to bring any positive change in society, charity must begin at home. Women must first look after themselves to be better able to look after the needs of their family and to work towards the progress of their country. In this regard, they need to focus on their health, both mental and physical, so that they can pull off the many challenges of being a woman.
Education is key to a nation’s ability to develop and achieve sustainable targets. The contribution of women to a society’s transition from pre-literate to literate is undeniable and so their education cannot be overemphasized. Parents should realize the importance of educating their daughters because their education means the progress of the whole nation and generations to come. Educated women are the reformers of the society. Any change begins at the level of an individual and women are the most pivotal in bringing about change not just at the personal level but also because of the individuals whose thought they shape. Suffice it to say none of this is possible without educated women. Moreover, women themselves can find solutions to the problems that they face today. They cannot expect a shift in chauvinistic attitudes on its own; they have to orchestrate it themselves. They have the power to do it, they just need the realization of it to achieve it.
Women, notably mothers, play the most crucial role in a society. They are the roots that hold in place the immense tree that a society is, and also give it the ingredients it needs for its sustenance and for it to flourish. When the economy and political organization of a society change, women take the lead. They are likely to be the prime initiators of outside assistance, and play an important role in facilitating any change within. The role of women is at the forefront of the chain of improvements leading to the family’s and the community’s long-term capacity. HH

Nadia Zubair
[email protected]

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