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Editor's Note

2018 ended on a high note for all of us at Hilal for Her. It was a matter of great pride and a splendid feat to launch our magazine. Our second edition showed that we grow from strength to strength, and this is what we intend on continuing in 2019 as well.
The launch and reception of Hilal for Her demonstrates that our society is continuously evolving and advancing in the way it is embracing the accomplishments of its women in every field. It is much more open and receptive to the idea of women contributing to progress of this great nation of ours.
While 2018 was another year in which women were able to utilize their talents in many spheres of national life, the journey is long and continuous. In this journey Hilal for Her will contribute by educating, supporting and instilling confidence among womenfolk to come forward and play their role in Pakistan’s development and progress. Their struggles and achievements will be highlighted to inspire those who are spreading their wings in anticipation of and preparation for flying high.
The past year has seen that roots of peace and political stability have grown deeper in Pakistan, but to strengthen this, economic development is a requisite. The objective of national development cannot be achieved unless all the resources available are used to the fullest. Women are one of the most important resources that need to be tapped into if the country is to progress. According to the 2017 Census of Pakistan, 48.76% of Pakistan’s population is female. No road to progress can be travelled upon without taking along this big chunk of population. Unless this potent resource is utilized, Pakistan cannot make the transition from being a developing nation to a developed one. We, as a nation, need to realize the importance of engaging our women in economic activity. Women need to be supported and encouraged, for them to advance economically and become more productive citizens. This will not only be beneficial for them as individuals but would be immensely remunerative for the country.
Since its inception, Pakistani women have worked in whatever capacity they could, to help its progress. Many women have left an indelible mark in the history of our nation and they continue to do so. However, this number needs to grow. The need of the hour is that women be as engaged in productive activities as men so that half the potential of the society is not wasted. No nation, society or community can progress unless it makes use of the most of what it has.
So in 2019, we hope to do our part in whatever way possible by generating awareness about the importance of contribution that our women are making to the development of the country. It is also our desire to inspire young women by bringing to them stories of those who are already soaring high. Our country needs for every single one of its citizens to contribute towards its progress and development, be it man or woman. We should be resolute – both in our personal and national life – to make 2019 the year of fulfillment of our hopes and dreams for our country.

Happy New year!
Nadia Zubair
[email protected]

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