Stand up for Champions

No one out of those nine ordinary teens from Pakistan Street Football team would ever had wondered that they could defeat their adversary India by 13-0 in the very first match of the street Football world cup 2014, of course, it was a dream start. “While playing we had in mind, Pakistan's Defeat in T-20 World Cup and we just wanted to win as if this is the final…and thank God we made it against India,” said a team member. Raziq Mushtaq, the star player of this match told media that he always wanted to get recognition through football but playing in Brazil and representing Pakistan was a dream. “I am very delighted that Allah has given me strength and I scored eight goals,” he added. Street Football World Cup was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was second event of its kind that commenced on 27 Mar 2014. Tanzania emerged victorious in the week long tournament in which teams from nineteen countries participated. Pakistani street children participated in the event for the first time. Street Child World Cup is a major event that brings together football, arts and an international street child conference, designed to campaign for the rights of street children around the world. The first Street Child World Cup took place in March 2010 in Durban, which was won by India. The tournament is held prior to every FIFA World Cup. Pakistan was slotted in third group with Mauritius, Kenya, US and India, while Tanzania, Burundi, Argentina, Nicaragua and Philippines formed group two. South Africa, Liberia, Egypt, Brazil and Indonesia were part of group one. Pakistani team led by its captain, Ahmed Sameer, after securing third position was cordially welcomed by family members and supporters upon their return back home. Green shirts defeated three countries before being defeated semi-final. The team secured third position in the end. The children grown up in the streets of slum areas have proved that if given opportunity, Pakistani youth is full of potentials and talent. The well trained street children with little grooming and supervision became heroes in Pakistan for their performance during the world cup. Though they have not won the cup but surely they have won the hearts of entire Pakistani nation.

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