Securing Pak-Afghan International Border


Measures to improve security situation along the Pak-Afghan border continue. In line with the directions of COAS, phased fencing of entire Pak-Afghan border has commenced. In phase 1, high infiltration prone border areas in Bajaur, Mohmand and Khyber Agencies are being fenced. In phase 2, fencing of remaining border areas including Balochistan will be executed. Besides fencing, Pakistan Army and FC KP are constructing new Forts/Border Posts to improve surveillance and defensibility. A secure Pak-Afghan border is in common interest of both countries and a well coordinated border security mechanism is essential for enduring peace and stability.



Chief of Army Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited Peshawar Corps Headquarters. He was given detailed briefing on situation along Pak-Afghan border, ongoing and future operations, progress on development works and return of TDPs. COAS appreciated improved security situation and measures for better border management including fencing.

 COAS expressed his satisfaction on operational readiness of the formations and asked them to stay vigilant against all types of threat. He said that we consider Afghanistan as a brotherly neighbor and terrorists are our common enemy. The threat thus requires a trust based coordinated response rather than blame game or unwarranted skirmishes.


COAS said that unilateral actions like drone strike etc. are counterproductive and against the spirit of ongoing cooperation and intelligence sharing being diligently undertaken by Pakistan. Pakistan Army is capable of taking effective measures if actionable intelligence is shared. He said that our focus now is to transform our operational achievements in FATA into enduring peace and stability for which early mainstreaming of FATA, through reforms is essential and Pakistan Army fully supports all efforts towards that end.


COAS said that our brave tribal brothers through their support, cooperation and resolve, have enabled its security forces to succeed during the operations and now it is time for them to live a fearless and quality social life as citizens of Pakistan. COAS said that Pakistan Army shall continue its efforts to consolidate gains achieved thus far and stated that Army stands with all other institutions to get Pakistan rid of menace retarding its progress and prosperity.


Earlier, on arrival at Corps Headquarters, COAS was received by Commander Peshawar Corps Lieutenant General Nazir Ahmad Butt.



General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) visited Parachinar, Kurram Agency. COAS was briefed in detail about security situation and recent terrorist incidents. COAS interacted with local tribal elders and representatives of the sit-in. Offering dua for Shuhada, COAS expressed his grief on loss of precious lives. COAS said that he was abroad and on return weather delayed his attempts to visit Parachinar. Meanwhile, Commander Peshawar Corps and IGFC were present at Parachinar and implemented directions of COAS in taking care of the victims and the affected families. He said that we as a nation have given unprecedented sacrifices in war against terrorism and we shall succeed. "Our enemies shall never succeed to lower our resolve or to divide us," COAS remarked. Appreciating FC KP and local administration for their efforts, COAS acknowledged their contributions. To date 126 brave soldiers of FC KP alone have laid their lives and 387 have got injured while performing security duties in Kurram Agency only. "FC KP is a professional force inclusive of all tribes and sects performing their duties selflessly," COAS said.
Speaking at the occasion Tribal elders expressed their full confidence and trust in Army and its leadership. "We stand with our Security Forces and our blood is for our motherland. We all are Pakistanis and Muslims," the elders remarked.
Later, COAS also met representatives of sit-in and listened to their concerns. "While administrative concerns will be pursued with the executive body, suggestions regarding security mechanism are being incorporated forthwith. We can only be effective when locals are part of the security and vigilance," COAS said.
COAS announced the following:-
* While there are clear evidences of hostile foreign hands in recent incidents, local facilitators and abettors have been apprehended who will be tried in military courts.
* Additional Army troops have been moved in Parachinar to enhance its security while FC troops are being beefed up on Pak-Afghan border to seal it effectively. Toori Razakars are also being dovetailed on check posts.
* Safe city project for Parachinar by installing CCTV cameras in line with the ones in Lahore and Islamabad will be undertaken.
* Fencing of border is already in progress. More sensitive areas of FATA are being fenced in Phase 1 while complete Pak-Afghan border including the border in Balochistan will be fenced in Phase 2.
* Firing by FC troops while handling mob situation post blast is being inquired and those responsible shall not be spared. FC commandant has already been changed. Notwithstanding the irreparable loss, four Shaheeds and injured due to firing have been given separate compensation by FC.
* Army Public School Parachinar is named after Maj Gulfam Shaheed and it will be upgraded to Cadet College in due course.
* Trauma Centre will be established at Parachinar by Army while local civil hospital will be upgraded for better medical care by civil administration.
* Government has now announced compensation for Parachinar victims at par with other such victims elsewhere in the country. All Pakistanis are equal.
* Army fully supports mainstreaming of FATA which is being pursued and its early implementation is essential for enduring peace and stability.
COAS said that Pakistan Army shall continue its efforts to bring back normalcy in the country. He said that threat continues to reside across the border in Afghanistan with ISIS gaining strength there. "We need to remain united, steadfast, prepared and vigilant against this threat which has an agenda of exploiting sectarian fault-line. "Our security forces are symbol of national integration so is our security apparatus; we are one nation. Also, a greater Pak-Afghan border coordination and security cooperation is required in this regard," COAS remarked.



Army is closely following the sectarian and ethnic colour being deliberately given to recent spate of incidents in the country by hostile intelligence agencies/sponsored anti-state elements. Having failed to divide us through terrorism, our enemy is now trying to target and fragment us along sectarian/ethnic lines which merit a unified national response.

Ongoing malicious campaign of enemies of Pakistan which is also unwittingly being spread on social media is highly regrettable and we all need to be cognizant of it. "For us every Shaheed/injured is equal, regardless of sect/ethnicity and indeed is a great loss.” We all are Pakistanis and Muslims who fully respect the religious rights of our Pakistani non-Muslim minorities," COAS said.

COAS has interacted with religious clergy of all sects over the last few days for their positive involvement in defeating this ongoing sinister campaign. It is assured that those responsible for Parachinar incidents shall be brought to law and victims will be compensated without any discrimination. "Alhamdulillah, we have brought security situation in country including FATA under control and shall not allow its regression at any cost," COAS said.

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