During conduct of an operation based on Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief, two Ships of Pakistan Navy, PNS ASLAT and PNS SHAMSHEER safely evacuated not only 190 stranded Pakistanis in Yemen but 55 foreign nationals of China, India, Phillipines, UK, Indonesia, Syria, Canada, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Bangladesh, Romania, Qatar, Ethiopia and Germany.


Evacuees were safely disembarked at Karachi Port where arrangements had been made for their return to respective countries. Besides safeguarding maritime interests of Pakistan, Pakistan Navy had always been at the forefront with international community to conduct Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Operations. The resolve and commitment was also evident at numerous occasions in the past including assistance rendered to Maldives and Indonesia after Tsunami 2004 and rescue of MV Suez crew from pirates in 2011.

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