PN Exercise Seaspark 2015

Pakistan Navy’s major maritime exercise SEASPARK-2015 was conducted in North Arabian Sea with the objective to corroborate PN operational plans, assess war preparedness of Pakistan Navy and enhance interoperability with PAF and Pak Army. All operational units of Pakistan Navy including ships, submarines, aircraft, UAVs, Special Forces and Pak Marines along with elements of PMSA, PAF and Pak Army participated in the exercise. During the exercise, full spectrum of threats was exercised ranging from conventional to asymmetric, cyber and information warfare domains.
Besides enhancement of operational preparedness, the exercise also focused on seaward defence of the coast and response against emerging non-traditional threats emanating from sea. On the occasion of Fleet Review by Pakistan Navy, Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif witnessed the wide ranging naval manoeuvres by an array of naval combat platforms in North Arabian Sea. The Prime Minister reposed complete trust and confidence in the operational capabilities of Pakistan Navy and urged that the challenges at hand necessitate eternal vigilance to safeguard against external and internal threats.

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