Passing out Parade – PMA

Terrorists are common enemies of Pakistan and Afghanistan

General Sher Muhammad Karimi CGS, Afghan National Army

(First ever foreign dignitary to be chief guest at passing out parade, PMA)

Passing out parade of 132 PMA Long Course was held on April 18, 2015 at PMA Kakul. Gen Sher Muhammad Karimi, CGS, Afghan National Army graced the occasion as first ever foreign national chief guest at passing out parade.

While adressing the cadets, Gen Sher Muhammad Karimi said, “Pakistan Army is ranked amongst the world’s best armies and I feel proud to attend the passing-out ceremony of Pakistan Army cadets... This new enemy, which is the common enemy for all of us and of the system in our region, does not recognise boundaries and is not bound by any religious and moral principles and we must ensure backing and support of our peoples in order to win the war against these non-state actors.”

The event was attended by large number of people including foreign dignitaries who appreciated the standard of the parade.

The chief guest awarding Sword of Honour to overall best cadet from 132 PMA Long Course, Academy Senior Under Officer, Zeeshan Sheharyar.

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