Pakistani Diaspora should be Proud of Pakistan Army’s Contributions towards Peace: DG ISPR

Pakistan is Positively Relevant to the Region and Beyond: 
DG ISPR at the University of Warwick

DG ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor delivered a talk on Pakistan’s significance in the global geopolitics and geo-economics at the University of Warwick, UK which was attended by a mix of students including Pakistanis, Professor Chrstine Ennew, Provost of the Warwick University, and several faculty members.
He said that ‘Pakistan is indispensable and relevant to the region and beyond’.  Speaking on Pakistan’s role, contributions and sacrifices in the fight against the Global War on Terror, DG ISPR shed light on the human and financial cost that both the population and security forces have paid to restore peace. He added, “Pakistan Army is true reflection of our national integration. There are a few stand-alone incidents which are negatively exploited in western world due to vested interests of few. These stand-alone engineered incidents do not define Pakistan where 207 million people live with harmony”. He has  emphasized that military operations alone cannot bring peace, they have to be followed up by soft, development pronged strategies with directed focus on de-radicalization, education and youth employment.
He further added that the ‘youth of Pakistan and equal educational opportunities for all are the preconditions for real peace and stability’. DG ISPR encouraged the Pakistani diaspora and exchange students abroad ‘to keep their heads high as they represent a country that has contributed immensely in the fight against the global menace of terrorism, extending its cooperation to other countries to uphold a unified front in this fight’.  

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