Pakistan Navy Exercise BURQ VII

Pakistan Navy conducted Exercise BURQ VII at Creeks area aiming to evaluate Pakistan Navy’s operational plans for the defence of Creeks area. It also included the re-evaluation of Air Defence plans and combat readiness of Air Defence Battalion deployed in the Creeks area. Pak Marines and Special Services Group (Navy) were lead elements of the exercise.

Commander Coast Rear Admiral Abdul Aleem also visited the forward posts of Pakistan Navy in Creeks area to witness the tactical phase of exercise. During the visit, the Commander Coast expressed his satisfaction over high degree of professionalism and combat readiness displayed by the various segments of Pak Marines and Special Services Group (Navy) during the Exercise.

BURQ series of exercises are tactical level exercises conducted by Pakistan Navy Coastal Command to evaluate and enhance the defence of Creeks area wherein Pak Marines and Special Services Group (Navy) participate. Assets of Pakistan Navy Fleet, Maritime Security Agency, and Pakistan Air Force also participated in the exercise.

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