Field Training Exercise at Tilla Firing Ranges

Commander Mangla Corps Witnesses the Training Exercise
Commander Mangla Corps Lieutenant General Shaheen Mazher Mahmood visited Field Firing Ranges Tilla near Jhelum on June 23, 2020 and witnessed field exercise by troops. The exercise is part of the regular training programme held in a rugged terrain and in simulated war zone scenario. During the exercise, various forms of traditional and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) based artillery procedures were practiced supporting interdiction, suppression, defensive and offensive maneuvers in line with the operational cycle.

Lieutenant General Mazhar emphasised on continuous enhancement of operational preparedness. He commended the standard of training of troops and lauded their precision and accuracy in engaging the targets.

Speaking to the officers and troops participating in the exercise, Commander Mangla Corps said, “Officers and jawans of Pakistan Army are more battle-hardened today and possess the requisite combat efficiency to ensure that defence of the country is impregnable.”

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