AFIC Receives International Award for Best Health Care Services

Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology and National Institute of Heart Diseases (AFIC and NIHD) got international award in Health Care Sphere "Rose of Paracelsus".

It is an international award in medical sphere. The selection is made by European Medical Association, Socrates nomination committee Oxford UL, and Swiss Institute of Quality Standards. Their written statement about AFIC and NIHD "AFIC recommendation" is based on the excellent reputation, safe and effective treatment methods, highly professional medical staff and modern equipment for adopting "Best Medical Practices" in health care.

Commandant AFIC and NIHD Major General Safdar Abaas, SI (M) was invited to receive the award during the "Excellence in Quality Summit" held on July 3-4, 2017 in Lucerne, Switzerland. Participants were from 59 countries including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Central Asian States. AFIC was declared one of the best health care organizations.

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