Fondational Thoughts of Pakistan Movement


Pakistan existed back in the hearts and minds centuries ago. It was an untold concept in the late nineteenth century, an idea in 1930 and an ideal in 1940, which became a reality in 1947. Each moment and step, every year and chapter had its own history, characteristics and characters, but their destiny was one single objective – a separate, independent and sovereign homeland – Pakistan. Turning the dreams into reality took several years of valiant struggle, determination and prudence. Questions may be asked about the pros and cons of this strenuous struggle right from what they call Sir Syed’s ‘Rational approach’ to Allama Iqbal’s ‘Emotive reasoning.’ There is no denying the fact that the ‘Soul of Pakistan’ was the ‘Two Nation Theory’, which is now called ‘Ideology of Pakistan.’ ‘Two Nations Theory’ was not only separating from the other majority nation in undivided India, it also is a spirit, reason and a binding force for all groups/sub-groups to remain united under the banner of a separate homeland i.e., Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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