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Tuesday, May 28, 2024 16:22
Lead Story

Hazrat Umar (RA) A Timeless Role Model

Hazrat Umar ibn al-Khattab, known as Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA), was the Second Caliph of Islam. The First Caliph, Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (RA), had himself nominated him for succession. He was a born leader, stronger amongst Arabs. He was a tall man, a famous wrestler and warrior. With his embrace of Islam, the Prophet’s followers who were weak and isolated, got so much strength that they openly started praying in the Kaaba. He was a man of wisdom, a jurist, a strategist, and philanthropist. During his 11 years of rule as caliph, he not only demonstrated highly remarkable and exceedingly unprecedented leadership, but also displayed the height and bright of character that it makes him a timeless role model for all generations to come.     Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA) has the honour that the Prophet (PBUH) himself had wished and prayed to God for Umar’s embrace of Isla... Read More
Sher Khan

A Call for Empathy

Dear Kids! As we eagerly flip through the pages of our February 2024 issue, we pause to reflect on a crucial day – Kashmir Solidarity Day – that holds immense significance not just for Pakistan and the people of Kashmir, but for the entire world. February 5 serves, on one hand, as a poig Read More
Farooq uz Zaman

Kashmir’s History in Brief

Location Jammu & Kashmir is bounded by Ladakh from the east, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab from the south, Pakistan by the southwest, and AJ&K by the northwest. Its total area is 101,387 square kilometres (sq.km.) Old Name The Ancient Greeks called this region as Kasperia, of Miletus, and Kasp... Read More
Abdullah Ahmed

Childhood under Siege in IIOJK Broken Crayons and Shattered Dreams Rising from the Ashes

Although there is no let-up in repression by brute Indian forces in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJK), yet the resilience, resoluteness and decisiveness shown by the people of Kashmir, especially children and youth, is unprecedented. The Kashmiri Muslim children – boys ... Read More
Sadia N. Qazi

Kashmir Banay Ga Pakistan A Kashmiri Mother’s Letter to Her Soncc

“My Son! I don’t know if you will really receive this letter; I am not sure this will reach you safely. The area where I live is surrounded, and cordoned off, by brute Indian forces. The fanatic goons of RSS are rampaging the streets of Srinagar, or elsewhere in the Occupied Valley. ... Read More
Anoosh Mubashar

Kashmir: Plight of Children

Before the morning sun. A valley filled with echoed sighs; A struggle long begun. Amidst the bloodshed, loss and cries, Dwells a strength so bold. Etched inside the hopeful eyes, A tale of pain untold. Do you hear those children sing, Of freedom, loss and love? Do you see a silver lining, In the clo... Read More
Fatimah Niazi

Beginning A New

Hasher stepped off the bus into the warm embrace of a January afternoon. The sun shone brightly overhead, but a crisp chill lingered in the air, setting the scene for a perfect outdoor picnic. Despite the excitement buzzing around on the first day back at school after the winter break, Hasher felt a... Read More
Sanober Zulfiqar

Almonds: The Nutrient-Rich Treasure

Dry fruit is the favorite diet in winters, especially for students preparing for exams. And almonds are the most favorite, versatile and nutrient-packed nuts, which are beneficial ... Read More
Syeda Aruj Fatima

A Child’s Cry

A bud to bloom, apple of your eyes A blessing I was called, sent from skies. Daughter of Eve I was, you said: Heavens couldn’t bear my little cries. A gift of my presence was... Read More
Fat ima

Pain of Palestinian Kids

In a land scarred by strife and despair, Where innocence is met with a heart-wrenching snare, A tale unfolds of pain and sorrow, Where Palestinian children face, a bleak tomorrow. ... Read More
Hayah Bahroni

Best Way to Prepare for Exams

You must have heard from your parents or grandparents that in their time of schooling, February and March were known as the months of final exams, especially in the government-run ... Read More
Tanzeela Ahmed

Read to Lead

Read to think, read to write, read to speak and read to lead. Any individual or a society or a nation you see flourishing has one common habit that is always a force behind. It is ... Read More
Asma Ishaq

Protecting the Environment Save Water, Save Life

“Oho! I have told you many times not to do this. Haven’t I?"  Fahd was about to drink water directly from the bottle when his mom cautioned him. She took the ... Read More
Nayab Ahmed

A Magical Tale of Pakistan’s Birth

In a bustling classroom of a school in Lahore, Mr. Khan, the social studies teacher, held a captivating storybook in his hands. The students sat in anticipation, their eyes wide wi... Read More
Mehwish Ashraf


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