Thank You Duchess of Cambridge for Representing Pakistani Culture

If simplicity, humility and grace put together had a name, it would be Kate Middleton. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Williams and Kate Middleton, paid their most anticipated maiden Royal Visit to Pakistan in October. The five-day itinerary tour de Pakistan from 14 to October 18, 2019, was designed to strengthen British-Pakistan relations, celebrate interfaith harmony, promote Pakistan as a tourism destination and encourage empowerment of not only women but Pakistan’s youth as well.

The visit was of utmost significance to Pakistan as it is acknowledged that Pakistanis are a peaceful, friendly, generous and hospitable nation. A nation, that stood steadfast in the face of terrorism and defeated it with resilience. The excitement was whirl-winding as the future monarchs of United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms landed in Pakistan. While Prince William exhibited his graceful gentleman charm, Kate Middleton marveled with aura of her elegance, poise, grace and compassion awed Pakistanis nationwide. The Duchess of Cambridge — a well-educated mother of three — was a perfect reflection of a modern day empowered woman.
Her visit to Pakistan has successfully fetched her millions of admirers. The Royals visited schools, hospitals, orphanages and mosques; all while gleaming compassion, respect and warmth. The first glimpse of the Duchess stepping out of the airplane in a traditional Pakistani attire had everyone spellbound. Her clothing line included Catherine Walker from UK and, Bonanza and Maheen Khan from Pakistan to name a few. She carried the traditional Pakistan attire — Shalwar Kameez — with grace, leaving lasting impression of a future queen who is accepting towards traditional and cultural norms. The Royal couple’s initial meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan was aimed to raise awareness about mental health, climate change, and poverty alleviation in Pakistan. Kate wore a beautiful green and white ensemble for the occasion, which complemented the Pakistani flag. On their visit to Badshahi Mosque, she had her head covered as she maintained the traditional and cultural decorum of visiting a religious place. Throughout her tour, she was an envision of minimalism, slaying simplest of cuts.
The Royal’s visit to the valley of Kalash made headlines all over Pakistan. Upon arrival, the Royal couple was gifted with traditional colorful Chitrali headpieces and a photo book in memory of the late Princess Diana in 1991. The Duchess Kate Middleton continuing her elegant run in Pakistan, wore local accessories while spending time with children in Kalash. They enjoyed numerous traditional performances by the locals of the valley that showcased their culture. Hence, once again, the ‘Kate Middleton effect’ filled Pakistanis with love and compassion.
The Royal Duchess’s aura swarmed around winning the hearts of people. She demonstrated such compassion, kindness, concern and warmth that people could not help reminiscing the Queen of hearts, late Lady Diana.
With the Royal couple’s visit to the schools, hospitals and orphanages, they paid ode and carried forward the legacy of Lady Diana, who ruled the hearts of millions with her kindness. The Duke and Duchess spent their day interacting whole heartedly with the children, telling them stories, playing and painting with them. The soft side of the Royals as empathetic, concerned, sensitive and kind was not only an eye-opener but was appreciated nationwide. The Duchess in particular demonstrated a very humble and noble conduct despite being the prospective ruling monarch of future.
In the wake of current state of affairs internationally, the Royal Visit to Pakistan demonstrates their endorsement of Islam as a tolerant religion and Pakistan as a safe country. Their discussion on Islam as a religion of love, peace and harmony promotes the message of interfaith tolerance worldwide. Similarly, the Royal’s visit to the busiest cities of Pakistan, like Islamabad and Lahore, and remote areas in Chitral valley — near Pak-Afghan border — signifies how efficiently and devotedly the country has combat and fought off terrorism. During their visit to the Hindukush Range, the Royal couple experienced the hospitable culture and regional harmony when meeting and interacting with the locals. It is noteworthy here that the Duke and Duchess travelled the tour together with great comfort. This depicts that Pakistan is a heaven for tourism as even the Royals remarked it as ‘fantastic’ and an ‘amazing’ tour. 

The visit emerged successful and progressive on diplomatic front. The visit of this stature signifies that Pakistan is on the road track towards development. It is a safe country for tourism. It is anticipated that the Royal Visit will go a long way in improving the soft image of Pakistan throughout the world and will have a huge global impact.
We thank the Duchess of Cambridge for all her love for Paksitan! HH

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