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Spotlight: Rashida Tlaib

Rashida Harbi Tlaib made history by becoming the first female Palestinian American and the first Muslim female Democrat to be elected to the House of Representatives of the United States Congress. She is an attorney, a politician and a single mother of two.
Tlaib was born to Palestinian immigrant parents in Detriot, Michigan and is the eldest of fourteen siblings. Tlaib previously served three terms as member Michigan House of Representatives, rising to the Democratic Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, securing millions of dollars for senior citizens as well as for education. She also authored laws to protect proprietors and stop scrap metal thieves. 

Rashida Tlaib not only stood up for the rights of Native Americans but also didn’t forget about her roots. She advocates a unified human race instead of prejudices in society. She strives to show the world the true picture about Palestinian innocents, who also have the right to get education and a healthy, peaceful life. She has also announced that she would wear a traditional Palestinian dress for her upcoming oath-taking ceremony. Criticism which was raised on her for this announcement was silenced due to her bold replies on media quoting about the freedom which America claims to provide every citizen regardless of any gender, religion, color and caste.
She is an inspiration for women, balancing her hectic work schedule along with her responsibilities at home with grace and a smile on her face. For Muslims around the world she is a sister, a daughter and a mother, who has been defending Palestinians and making their voices heard. 
Rashida Tlaib claims that there was a need of someone to rise for the betterment of locals and especially for lower class, so she started to make a change from her own house to the streets and then to the courts and so on. Her journey started by prioritizing social justice, education, medical care and environmental protection which must be ensured for all. Understanding the urgency, she will be proposing a new Civil Rights Act, which is aimed at creating harmony in the society by eliminating all kinds of discrimination. 
Despite being a prominent member of society she identifies as a common citizen, which distinguishes her status from being a person who is elected for the people not just elected by the people. This moral ability of interacting with general public directly gave her a chance to become the voice of the ordinary people. She has raised her voice to defend the rights of the future generations by protecting them from ascendant racism. 
By electing her, people demonstrated their faith in Rashida Tlaib as a woman who has the ability to knock down barriers to bring about significant change in the society by introducing new laws and amending the existing ones. HH

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