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Chicken boneless cubes        1 kg
Lemon juice                            4 tbsp
Yogurt                                     1.5 cup
Tomato paste                          2 tbsp
Garlic paste                            2 tsp
Black pepper powder             2 tsp
Cumin powder                       1 tsp
Salt                                        2 tsp
Olive oil                                 5 tbsp
Dried oregano                       2 tsp
Paprika powder                     2 tsp
Oil for frying


1.    In a bowl, add yogurt, tomato paste, garlic paste, black pepper powder, cumin powder, salt, dried oregano, olive oil, paprika powder and mix well. 
2.    Add chicken boneless cubes in the yogurt mixture, add lemon juice and mix well.
3.    Leave it in the refrigerator for 6 hours or overnight preferably.
4.    Thread the chicken cubes on skewers.
5.    Take a pan, add oil and fry chicken skewers on both sides until done.
6.    Give charcoal smoke.
7.    You can also add vegetables of your choice on the skewers.

Home-made ice cream


Cold whipping cream/heavy cream                                    450 ml
Cold sweetened condensed milk                                        400 ml


1.    Place cream and condensed milk in fridge overnight to chill.
2.    Beat cream on a medium speed in a stand mixer until stiff peaks form.
3.    Turn down the speed and add condensed milk to the cream.
4.    Now turn the speed high up again and keep on beating until mixture is stiff and forms peaks.
5.    Ice-cream base is ready.

You can experiment with your own flavors and create something of your own choice. Here are few of the most loved flavors.

Cookie and cream ice-cream:
Oreo biscuits (crushed)    2/3 cup
Ice-cream base            2 cups
Take ice-cream base in a bowl and mix crushed cookies with soft hand. Transfer the mixture in an airtight container and freeze it overnight or 6 hours at least.

Mango ice-cream:
Mango puree               ¼ cup
Ice-cream base            2 cups
Take ice-cream base in a bowl mix mango puree with soft hands and make a swirl. Transfer in an air tight container and freezer overnight for good results.
Kulfa ice-cream:
Pistachios (ground)        1 cups
Almonds (ground)        1 cup
Cardamom powder        1 tsp
Ice-cream base            2 cups
Saffron                         a pinch
Roast pistachios and almonds and roughly grind them. Add in ice-cream base, cardamom powder and saffron to give it the kulfa color.

The writer is a chef who runs her own restaurant. 
E-mail:[email protected]

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