We met past midnight
Under a tree in the moonlight
You were shining like a beam
At the edge of my dream

This union was not proposed
There are many who will oppose
A few will also turn into foes
We are in love, no one even supposed

My feelings are not mere infatuation
I know, it's far from sane imagination
What if, you are in the same situation?
Would you act under any desperation?

Let’s freeze these moments here
Let’s breathe this fresh air
Let’s hold our hearts with care
Let’s lay our souls bare

Did you feel?

Unspoken was on the verge of spoken
Untouched merged with the broken
Unfelt was at the urge of awaken
Our souls were ecstatically shaken

Do You know? 

Euphoria of your presence
I can feel in my essence
You are source of my existence 
Can’t endure your absence 

It was beguiling, it was surreal 
For me it was more than real
If you allow a little to dwell 
Had it occurred in a universe parallel?

I know, 

It was crazy, it was obscure
But I am sure it was not impure
I am smiling since I found my cure
You love me and know, how to allure

It was brilliant it was like a spell
For you does it ring any bell?
One thing I would like to tell 
For me it was surely not the farewell 


The night vanished and the sun is on the horizon
I am lying on the bed, but fully awakened
Pondering, why this dream has been broken?
I learnt, how greatly I am mistaken 

Yearning to have this dream every night 
Listen to me, my love, my gallant knight
You, who laid his life for motherland, and died for right
If I keep your sweet nostalgia alive 
Would you ever come back, past midnight,
Under a tree, in the moonlight? HH

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