Moms, Pamper Yourself

It would not be an exaggeration to say that mothers are the real ‘wonder women’ of our society. Their strengths and capabilities are incredulous but their expertise in multitasking outshines all other super-powers. Even so, their work never ends. 24 hours fall short from winding up all the household chores.

When we talk about love, mothers are the epitome of unconditional love. In the hustle of life, juggling between managing households and, extending love and comfort to their families, mothers do get tired and are often overlooked by others and more so, by themselves. Somewhere their interests, concerns and comforts are pushed to the back burner, which directly affects their zeal and zest for life. It is an essential and quite a beneficial practice to treat ourselves with love. Unfortunately, it is something that is not taken into much consideration and that is why it is not practiced.
Being mothers, sparing some time for ourselves would be quite helpful in rejuvenating our fatigued bodies and souls. There could be many ways to pamper yourselves, moms! Here are a few tricks:
Get Yourself a Fresh Bouquet
Buying yourself a fresh bouquet is equivalent to getting a hug from yourself as hugs are a way to convey fondness, affection, love and care. Flowers have a positive effect on us. Their sight elevates the mood and their scent soothes the soul. Anger, depression, anxiety and grudges in life, if not sorted out in time, pile up and turn us bitter. The most appropriate way to deal with negative energy is to hear the voices within and calm them down. Take out time for self-care and to appreciate and love yourself. Gifting yourself your favourite flowers is bound to sprout joy, tranquillity and zest within you and thus revitalize your being.
Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth 
Motherhood comes with extra baggage and the most eminent one is weight gain. Your changed vital statistics are enough to pull you down into blues. Keeping this fact in mind, feeding your sweet tooth might sound like committing a sin. However, once in a while it is good to break some rules and set yourself free. Eating chocolates is one of the best known ways to satisfy your craving for something sweet. Eating chocolates is sheer bliss and makes one feel incredulously exuberant. So, whenever the weighing machine bestows mercy upon you, grab a bar of chocolate and take a trip to La La Land. 
Read a Book
Reading books is known to be therapeutic as it relaxes a stressed mind and disconnects you from the chaotic world around you. After putting the kids to bed whatever little time you own could be utilized to pamper yourself. Reading a book could be the best way to unwind by the end of the day.
Books are like flying carpets; they take us away to unknown worlds. We can transcend into a completely new world of fantasy and imagination with the most loveable characters. Thus, reading a book acts as a relaxant and facilitates us to fall into deep sound sleep.
Meet Up with Friends
Friends are the assets of our lives and the strongest link to our social life. Motherhood at one point of time restricts us to our homes, thus strapping us down in routine life, which sooner or later exhausts us and leads to depression. We need to give ourselves a break to avoid this situation by planning a meet up with our old friends. Plugging in to this link to your lives would revive your social life. One-on-one conversations with friends lighten and enlighten you. You get a sneak peek into their lives, their problems and shortcomings, which are similar to yours, and eventually boost your courage and confidence to carry on a mother’s lifestyle with pride and contentment.
Take Yourself for a Walk
Moms are always on the go, shopping for diapers, baby wipes, groceries, or birthday gifts. Gradually, these short trips become stressful and feel more like a chore. These target-oriented trips often leave no time for browsing or to window shop.
So to keep sanity intact, occasionally, rob a couple of minutes from your busy schedule and take yourself out for a walk to a nearby park. Perch on a bench and set yourself free by activating all the five senses. Be observant, cherish the beauty of nature, inhale the healthy air and fragrant flowers around and exhale all worries, tensions and pressures out of your lives, enjoy the carefree giggles of childhood and give an ear to old age wisdom. Let your spirit fly free! This exercise will revitalise your soul and would leave you serene. HH

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