Miami - The Magic City

Miami, Florida is a great destination for a vacation and the diversity of this colorful city offers a little something for everyone; from beaches to canyons to mountains. Miami is the sunshine filled happy place for all. Having been memorialized in songs and featured in a lot of pop culture, high expectations are a natural when one arrives: and the city delivers! 

A melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, especially Latin American, the lush green city has a lot to offer to its visitors. One of the biggest cities of America, it is also one of the wealthiest, which reflects in the cost of living and travelling here. The city has a combined feel of Barcelona and Dubai; the vegetation and laid back vibes of Barcelona, along with the high rises and flashiness akin to that of Dubai, makes Miami unique. The weather is moderate throughout the year but can get quite humid in the summers. Metro trains and Ubers are always available for you to roam around but it is best to rent a car so one can truly discover the city. However, parking is an expensive proposition in Miami so this aspect needs to be kept in mind.
First stop is the iconic neighborhood of South Beach: home to outdoor restaurants, local shops, food courts and pristine beaches. It is easy to spend the whole day, strolling along the pedestrian paths, peeking into shops, or sitting for a coffee or ice cream and watching people go by. Rent an umbrella and chair and spend the day by the azure waters with swaying palm trees. You can also head to Ocean Drive on foot, which is famous for its hotels and local restaurants. With an eclectic crowd and the place buzzing with laughter, Ocean Drive is a place you can visit again and again.

With Miami having such a high Cuban population, it is obvious that one should visit the neighborhood of Little Havana, also known as Calle Oche. The vibrant area is home to live music streaming out from the establishments, and many Latin American restaurants. The area is dotted with quirky murals which makes the whole experience exhilarating. And if you’re feeling a little hot then stop by for an ice cream at one of the most renowned   ice-cream salons Azucar Ice Cream Company, which creates gourmet ice creams and sorbets in Cuban and tropical flavors.
If you are looking for an outdoor gallery that is quirky and Instagram worthy, then you need to head to the neighborhood of Wynwood. Home to eateries and unique boutiques amongst other things, the single most prominent attraction of Wynwood are the murals painted on almost every wall in the area. The Wynwood art district also lies in this area, which is home to rotating art murals by different artists. It’s a riot of color and every corner is a surprise. To fuel up yourself, you can eat at Coyo Taco, which has amazing food and is often very crowded; even Obama has been here! Plan at least 3 or 4 hours so you can truly get ‘lost’ and explore this very flamboyant neighborhood.
If you feel like shopping followed by general relaxation next to the marina, then Bayside Marketplace is the place to go. The atmosphere is amusing and lively, with eateries lined up along with shoreline, where you can sit and have a coffee or munch on something. You can also get a boat ride if that interests you. It is a very child friendly place which can be enjoyed by the whole family.
So don’t delay, pack your bags and take the next flight to the City of Magic for a soulful experience. HH


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