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Winter is almost approaching. With this new season come a few extra surprises that may not only be uncomfortable but can also prove to be bad for health, such as flu, dry skin, sore throat, headaches, etc. For this reason, some people get winter blues and they tend to go on hibernation mode during the season. In doing so, we can end up with various health issues that may take time to heal. So, why not just avoid these problems, altogether?
We need to choose a few health care strategies that would boost us up not only physically but mentally as well. Let us look at ways we can stop winters form wearing us down.
Wash Your Hands to Avoid Flu
Washing your hands and face regularly in winters seems like a hassle. The thought of dealing with cold water pushes you back into the warmth of your cozy blanket but to avoid getting sick, you should regularly wash your hands and face specially during winters. 
Viruses that spread flu are transmitted by hands. In winters, we tend to rub our nose and eyes more often and thus, fall prey to cold and flu. To protect yourself during against all sorts of viruses it is best to wash your hands frequently.
Moisturizer is Your Best Friend
Winter weather wreaks all kinds of havoc on our skin. The dryness can result in not only flaking or cracking but can also be incredibly uncomfortable for us to endure. So, to avoid this situation, make moisturizer your best friend and always carry a chap stick wherever you go!
Keep Away from Hot Showers
Just the thought of a hot shower in winters sounds calming and surely there is nothing more soothing. But for the sake of your skin, avoid it! Hot showers over-dry our skin and remove natural oils that help our skin to stay healthy. It is best to avoid hot showers and instead to keep the water’s temperature mild. This will help to keep your skin from becoming too dry.
Sunbathe Every Day
Set your alarms to get up for some sun daily. No one wants to deal with the deficiency of Vitamin D. Go for an early morning walk to make sure your skin is exposed to the sun. This will also help boost your mood during the shorter, darker days of winter. Winter does not have to be all about staying indoors. So, bundle up and do go out to enjoy the sun!
Use Sunscreen 
Sunscreen is not only recommended for summer it is also a necessity in winter. So, when you go out, use sunscreen to avoid sun burn.
Keep Yourself Hydrated
People tend to drink less water during winters. Keeping yourself hydrated during the cold weather is also key to keeping skin moist and avoiding dehydration. People turn to hot liquids like tea or coffee, which consist of caffeine that can end up drawing water out of our bodies. Try switching from coffee and tea to herbal teas.
One of the most effective ways to protect yourself from winter cold is by consuming herbal teas. Natural and relaxing, herbal teas boost the immune system and are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, keeping your body healthy during the winters. Liquids will help you to fight winter dehydration, protect your immune system and avoid winter weight gain as you do that.
Exercise Regularly
Summers tend to make us thirsty, winter however, makes us hungry. To avoid that winter weight gain, we need to exercise daily. With shorter daylight hours, winter is an energy-zapping season. Daily exercise is great for the blood circulation and to maintain energy levels. Regular exercise can help to keep warm, healthy and even give your skin a nice glow. 
Keep Track of Your Sleep Cycle
Long days in summer disturb our sleep cycle but long winter nights can put it right. With longer nights and shorter days, you can be in bed on time and wake up early. When the days get shorter, your body will naturally want to sleep for longer hours and will adjust its rhythm to winter tune. Try to go to bed as early as possible to give your body enough rest during the time it craves it the most.
Eight hours of sleep can decrease health problems, manage your hunger levels, maintain your immune system and retain your memory.
Munch on Dry Fruits
The interesting thing about dry fruits in winters is that they give protection from many diseases, like flu, colds and many others. In addition to that, dry fruits are also helpful to avoid dryness because they are rich in essential oils, minerals and vitamins. Some of the most popular and nutrient-rich dry fruit varieties include apricots, apples, pears, raisins, blueberries, peaches, prunes, lychees, figs, and cranberries.
So, layer up and have a wonderful winter. Make sure to enjoy the warmth of the blanket, teas and coffee but keep yourself hydrated and exercise regularly to stay active this winter. HH

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