Hold Your Head High, Your Country Higher

Humans come in many a kind
Many we know, we bear in mind
Let me tell you about the one we have known
Who’s brave and heroic, tired yet does not frown

I see him virtuous and talk of good
And bestow love, and care, as much as he could
Not just for me, mine or ours
Thy aim goes broad and wide and beyond

My soldier lives this life just once
Had perseverance for the cold, the scorching sun
He protects the rugged terrains, sleep deprived
Spent his youth in deputations, not for worldly gains

Life’s hardships entertain the challenger
Morning till noon, across the one dozen calendar
It is a war between the just and unjust scheme
It is a parable of life, no-life and wishful dream

He looks for fervor, victory and satiety
Unraveled by the land, or the sea
I see him brave and stand tall
And cry in lonesomeness at ‘home’

He is epitome of moral and duty
On orders of the land, he left his little beauty
For all he yearns is to lie in Green
Yesterday, Today and Forever!

I weep; I dwell in sorrow, yet proud
My army man, my beloved
I hide my heart and my misery
For you may die on field, unquestionably intrepid
Yet, I am scared off not by this life or loneliness
You hold your head high, your country higher HH

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