Hilal for Her - Anniversary Messages

Justice (R) Nasira Javid Iqbal
Congratulations to Hilal for Her on its anniversary. This is a very well published magazine providing immense inspiration to young Pakistani women to work hard with honesty for the progress of our country. Praying for your further success. Ameen.

Dr. Izzah Khan
Hilal for Her, is a magazine  dedicated to acknowledging and highlighting the contributions of women in Pakistan. It gives an opportunity to read about the contributions of other women in various fields and learn from their achievements and knowledge. It has brought us together as a team to celebrate the real colours of Pakistan. Indeed, a commendable initiative, which will go a long way in the state’s recognition of the heroic struggles of women for equal rights, in a society like ours.
Monireh Bahrami
It was very exciting for me to see my story published in Hilal for Her. It is a magazine dedicated for women and I hope I can write more for Hilal for Her in future about Pakistan from the point of view of an Iranian researcher and traveler.

Dr. Amineh Hoti
Hilal for Her is celebrating its birthday! As a regular contributor, I have to say that this magazine has been a great platform for writers like me. It has allowed me to express my views and explore ideas. I am so grateful for this.
Team HH is wonderful; they are professional, and best of all, they combine heart and mind. I am so impressed by all of them. Pakistan Army comprises one of the most impressive pool of talented individuals I have known; whether they are at Military College, Jhelum or representing Pak Army at Sandhurst, they never fail to impress me because they use their mind and compassion, not just their might. May Rab ul Alameen bless Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad, Hilal Zindabad!

Ameena Saiyid
I would like to congratulate Hilal for Her and its wonderful team on its anniversary. Hilal for Her is a magazine for women from all walks of life, whether they are homemakers, entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, lawyers, architects, writers or publishers.
Hilal for Her has evolved and grown in success, covering a wide range of issues. It covers subjects that are relevant to women, which inspire and motivate young women on the threshold of their professional lives by introducing role models who can act as mentors.
Hilal for Her has made an impact with its content, language and the meaningful issues it covers. I wish Hilal for Her continuing success on its anniversary.

Dr. Humaira Shahbaz
Happy first anniversary to Hilal for Her! I feel immense pleasure in extending greetings to this wonderful magazine. All those who contributed in actualizing this brainchild, and in nurturing and grooming it, deserve a thousand cheers. HH is popular in its nature as a press publication and speaks to the heart and mind of Pakistani women. It is a balanced mix of information and entertainment, addressing multidimensional aspects of Women Studies in general. Sooner rather than later, looking forward to see ‘Her’ communicating in Urdu, as well.
Wishing HH to flourish in the years to come!

Huma Fakhar
Many congratulations to team Hilal for Her. Their work is unmatched in bridging the gap not only of civil-military relations but also in putting Pakistani women on the national stage. What I appreciate most is the solution oriented approach of the magazine. Giving advice to working women and guiding female entrepreneurs on business and market issues.
Women are the warriors of the society, not just for themselves but for their families. Leading a woman to opportunities is to lead the future generations towards a successful journey. Strong women are not just born, society creates strong women and HH is playing a successful role in developing women who will be the architects of Pakistan’s social fabric. Keep Shining Hilal for Her!
“Here is to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”            
 — Maya Angelou

Dr. Minhas Majeed
It is with great pleasure that I extend my warmest greetings to the team and readers of Hilal for Her on their first anniversary.
HH, since its founding, has become a highly recognised hub of nurturing homemakers and professional women across the country. It promotes female empowerment in its own way and fashion due to which it has gathered remarkable popularity in just a year and has garnered the likability of not only women but also men.
I wish the magazine to bring more awareness among the women of Pakistan so that it delivers a message to the international community that women do have a voice in Pakistan.

Aniqa Nisar
Women comprise 48.76% of Pakistan’s population; this makes nearly half of the population without whose inclusion Pakistan cannot prosper. Hilal for Her has successfully provided a platform for women of Pakistan to let their voices be heard, echoes of which might outlast the actual voice. In a short period, Hilal for Her has become a concentrate of stimulating thoughts and varied opinions. I hope and pray that Hilal for Her continues to prosper and keeps playing a pivotal role in providing women with quality reading. Best wishes for Team Hilal for Her.

Nuzhat Nazar
It is amazing that people have started acknowledging the role of women in not only the development of a country but also in building the society. They have been contributing towards society: be it in school or university level, holding down jobs or looking after their households. Nevertheless, there is a long way to go and in this journey, finding anything associated with feminine perspective gives me a sense of pride and confidence followed by satisfaction. In this context, Hilal for Her has performed its duty to bring forth the power of being a woman. More power to you!

Asma Ghani
Since our mainstream media, especially print, is not gender balanced, it lacks female perspective. Politics, crime and other issues dominate while women's voices that make up almost half of the population do not get equal space. Hilal for Her provides a platform to those whose voices are often left out of the mainstream media.
It provides space to discuss women’s issues and tell their stories in detail. It educates, inspires, and motivates women by offering a different perspective on a range of issues.

Maj Dr. Amna Malik
Hilal for Her is a window into the life of the woman of today: what she is, what she thinks about herself and the world, what she wants to accomplish now and in the future, and what she knows in her heart. It provides a platform for young and new writers like myself and for female audience who want to explore great destinations, expand their outlook, and get inspiration as they read about women making a difference in the world. It is an attractive magazine, striving to keep today's women connected to the things they NEED and WANT. 
Thank you Team Hilal for Her, for your scintillating and stupendous efforts in making Hilal for Her the most informative and stylish magazine.

Safa Ali Khan
One word for Hilal for Her ... Empowering! It is always a feast reading Hilal for Her as the content is not only informative but inspiring. An ideal read for motivation and self-growth. Way to go HH, Godspeed!

Reesham Naqvi
On Hilal for Her’s anniversary, I would like to express my gratitude to the team for choosing me to work for them and contribute towards women empowerment.
I feel honoured in being a part of Team Hilal for Her. I can only say that it is the most precious feather in my cap. I hope and pray that HH grows and reaches out to women throughout Pakistan and internationally, and we keep inspiring, educating and motivating women.

Zahra Ejaz
Hilal for Her is an exemplary effort to put things in perspective for women and empowering them. It has helped create an awareness amongst them regarding areas that need to be looked into. Believing in a significant role that women play in the society, Hilal for Her has been working towards a holistic approach for skill-building and providing food for thought for the women of our nation. I hope it continues to spread the light of knowledge to help create stronger, better-informed, aware and empowered women.

Maryum Maqsood
I congratulate Hilal for Her’s editorial and creative team on the occasion of their anniversary! The magazine is an invaluable resource for female readers who consider it important to stay abreast of Pakistan’s history, culture, and current affairs. The magazine’s publication is turning into an integral part of the reading list of women of Pakistan, particularly the female youth.
You have proved to be a trustworthy, interesting, and credible source of information.I wish you further success in your endeavours.

Capt Mobashra Anees
Hilal for Her is serving the purpose of portraying women as a gender that can fit in and is best suited in every field of life. Articles and stories about women in uniform, facing the challenges of serving, motivated to continue with their efforts despite them, and balancing their work with family life. The inspiration one draws after reading the various stories narrated in this magazine shapes perspectives and adds colours to life. I, being one of the women in uniform, am also influenced by the content published and want to see it grow in times to come.

Capt Aroosa Saeed
I extend my appreciation to all those who took the initiative for such a different concept of promoting women in society. Special congratulations to the team, who work so hard and promote talented women of Pakistan through their publication, and to writers who so liberally offered their time and services to the magazine since Oct. 2018. Congratulations to Hilal Publications for contributing for the betterment of our society. HH

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