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Film Review: Pinky Memsaab

Pinky Memsaab was released in early December 2018. The storyline revolves around the lives of several people who are going through different struggles at various stages of their lives. The lead character is a vulnerable maid who moves to Dubai to earn livelihood for her family back in a village of Pakistan. Other than her, there’s a reflection of the life of a beautiful socialite; a passionate investment banker and a live affirming chauffeur. The script tries to put across the idea that a woman from any background can willingly get out of her comfort zone and thrive in a society if she places trust in herself and has faith in her own abilities. All of these characters are entwined together in Dubai, in this wonderful depiction of self-discovery. 

“Charm comes from the unexpected” - a phrase I read years ago but it has stuck with me. It would be an understatement to say Pinky Memsaab met my expectations. In reality, it was beyond what I had ever imagined it would be. 

Pinky Memsaab’s trailer looked very promising but this level of brilliance was surely not predicted as we are accustomed to watching films made by a certain few people ruling Pakistani Film Industry, showcasing talents of chosen ones within this vertical. In such an environment, this movie was like a breath of fresh air as some relatively newer faces aced the game. 

The storyline is strong with crisp dialogues. There was suspense throughout the movie which doesn’t reveal till the very end. There were so many mixed feelings while watching it. The underlying messages were unusual yet meaningful! All actors have done justice to the script with their dialogue delivery and expressions.

Hajra Yamin is a seasoned theatre actress who has performed in various theatre plays since 2011 but her potential was beautifully utilised as she perfectly played the character of Pinky. In one of her interviews, she mentioned the importance of getting into a particular character. The fact that this girl and her fellow actors invested almost five months preparing for their roles and adapting according to their characters’ requirement shows how dedicated the entire team was for this particular project. 

Hajra is one of those actresses who are not bothered to just “LOOK” good on screen instead, she wore clothes and pulled an accent very appropriate with her character and that is mind blowing - it truly brought life to the script and made it relatable for those who struggle to survive in a society that is alien to them. 

Each character in the movie was different from the other. From Maam Shamima Hilali’s pixie cut to Sunny Hinduja’s Bihari accent, there was a variety in the film which was thoroughly enjoyable for viewers. 

Adnan Jaffar and Kiran Malik marvellously depicted emotions some couples go through in their relationship. The journey of having bittersweet feelings to giving up on one another and then missing each other and accepting each other  for what they are,  makes the film very relatable. 

Lastly but most importantly, the cinematography and the background music took the film a notch up. Execution was wonderful and without any hesitance, I’d say it was a visual treat to watch Pinky Memsaab’s first show. There was immense excitement amongst the entire cast and crew. 

Walking out of the cinema, I was smiling wide as this film gave me hope that Pakistan’s film industry is headed in the right direction. A few days back, we also got to watch the trailer for Maula Jutt’s sequel which most of Pakistani cinema-goers have their eyes on now. Here’s a movie buff hoping we get to watch many more outstanding movies in the year 2019! *fingers crossed*HH


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