Hilal For Her

Carnage of Freedom

Let’s stroll into the gardens of heaven, they say;
Is it life, or a tempest wild today,
The occupiers’ greed, the occupiers know,
My creed, is my Kashmir,
Be it heard afar but never low,

If thou seek heaven on earth,
Go, witness that beauteous, beyond all praise,
A place called Kashmir without the veils and curtains raised,
My shattered eyes are a sight to see,    
What a heaven coffined by grief!
These nameless graves of today,
Were bustling crowds of yesterday,
Gone too soon, gone too far where they lay.
Oh mankind, now what to say, have our turn and go away?

The stains of their blood are alive,
Draining from every path and street,
My countrymen have left for their trail,
Without an arrow or a bow,
In their hearts just a vow,

Days to months to years they passed,
Without the sight of your glance,
Then a martyr came in my dreams
And said, ‘Don’t tell my wailing mother I have died
For This life is but one night,
Rest awaits the dawn of light,’

Even the doom cannot shake the glory of his soul,
He who lies at the fountain of love, is thy Martyr
Through Roaring freedom from the streets,
And facing lashes of the tyrant’s heat,
Who whips our weakly bodies with darts and tears our hearts,
And to the helms of the mighty hands,
That twirl our necks in bows,
Till the blood trickles into the ground,

Torture, trouble, mockery, slavery at every mile,
What all haven’t I suffered in this trial,

What liaison can we have with the budding flowers that say
One moment pencils and books, the next pellets,
Oh my Asifa, we’re ashamed to call this earth your shining ray,
Where you couldn’t dance nor play, to the joys of innocence that day,
The beasts were feasting on your hues and cries,
And the temple bells wailing your helpless sighs.

The tyrant that feels proud today for wearing thy crown,
Who knows Mushaal, In this battle of swords and hearts,
Tomorrow it may forever drown.HH

The poet is chairperson of Peace and Culture Organization and wife of Kashmiri freedom fighter.
E-mail: [email protected], Twitter: @MushaalMullick

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