Birth of a Mother

“When a child is born, there are two births. The birth of the child and the birth of the mother.”
The above statement struck a chord deep inside and left me wondering. I had always felt that mothers were a universal truth, always present. But this was a whole new vision about motherhood and I began to look at mothers in a diffirent light altogether. All the quotes and sayings seemed to be lacking now, as none had actually discussed the process which a young woman underwent to become the embodiment of love, patience and selflessness after being blessed with a child. This gentle being no longer puts her needs first, rather her needs and self-care now come second to that of her child. Every little thing prior to bearing the responsibilty of a little life is now no longer  important and all focus forever shifts to catering to her little one.
Through out the nine months, this strong individual undergoes the perilous journey that takes her from youthfulness to great vulnerability. She used to run, but now her unsteady steps have to be taken with great care. Every little morsel that goes in her mouth is taken after many conflicting thoughts and each drink that quenches her thirst is taken after great contemplation. If some commitment or incident prevents her from eating, her body freely allows the fetus to withdraw any nutrients it might need from her own body’s reserves. She is unable to fit into her favourite set of clothes, her ankles swell, she tires easily and is almost ready to sleep all the time, she can’t climb up steps without assistance, her trips to the lavatory become frequent and then towards the end she might be restricted to bed rest which is sometimes no less than a prison sentence! She struggles and after months of eager anticipation, she gets to meet the little one for the first time. 
She is in awe, as her love continues to grow for a being she has not even held before; but such is the marvel of motherhood. Despite the pain and fatigue of bringing a life into this world, she manages a grateful smile and embraces her screaming baby. Upon being held to the mother’s bosom, the whimpering infant shushes and raptly listens to the familiar beat of his mother’s heart, which his own tiny heart had been dancing to not so long ago. As the infant locks eyes with his mother for the first time, she becomes his entire little world. As he grips her slender fingers, maternal feelings kick in full force and the mother feels a tide of love wash over her. Their love is like a tangible, glowing rope binding them together forever. It is a moment that will forever have a special place in her heart. 
Time passess and with it continues a long cycle of giving on the mother’s part and receiving on the child’s part. The child views the world from its mother’s loving eyes and she tries her best to portray it as beautifully as she can. This kind of love is the purest of all. No other can even mirror it. Mothers sacrifice a lot, they go through hell and back to pave a safe way for their children. Children always rely on their mothers and as a consequence mothers don’t have much time for themselves or have much of a social life. Every moment is spent worrying about them. At the end of the day, their biggest  achievements are afterall their children.
Come May everyone starts thinking of ways to show their appreciation for their mothers on Mothers Day. Should we honour mothers only on this particular day? Every day is mothers’ day because mothers spend all their lives being just that; Mothers! Thank your Mothers, for being the best. Thank you for putting your dreams on hold just to care for the lot of us. And thank you GOD for blessing us all with the treasure that are our mothers.HH

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