UNAMID Lauds Pakistan Battalion-7 for Administering Humanitarian Assistance

A non-fatal traffic accident occurred outside of Sortony IDP Camp, about 2 kilometers short of UNAMID Sortony Team Site, in which a commercial truck carrying about 50 passengers toppled over after failing to climb a steep ascent. As a result, 24 passengers were injured out of which 7 serious casualties were immediately transferred to Pakistan Field Hospital at Kabkabiya for treatment and 4 were admitted to the Pakistan Battalion Level-1 hospital. Medical teams at the accident site and hospital provided first aid/life-saving medical procedures to those sustaining critical and minor injuries. A medical team was also sent immediately to local MSF clinic, Sortony where due to absence of doctors and capacity issues at the clinic, medical team from the battalion provided immediate treatment to the remaining injured persons with a follow-up visit next day. Due to their prompt action Pakistan Battalion-7 was able to save many lives. Timely action through verification patrol helped in providing the desired medical assistance. This action of the Pakistani peacekeepers at UNAMID, Sudan was appreciated at all levels. Both UNAMID and Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dr. Maleeha Lodhi lauded actions of the battalion on Twitter.


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