Solar Panels and Accessories Provided to Education Centers

Steps Taken to Improve Quality of Life of the Local Populace
Existence of electricity as an amenity is an indispensable basic facility for a quality standard of living, one which is not accessible to residents of IDP camps located at Sortony, Darfur. Several educational centers/madrassas situated in these camps of Sortony are devoid of access to this basic amenity. Students at these centers used to study in the light of firewood, causing not only additional expenditure to the impoverished community but also exposing them to health hazards due to inhalation of smoke. Pakistan Army contigent, when notified by the locals to seek assistance, carried out a survey in conjunction with the teachers and locals at Sortony Team Site, to identify the problem and take remedial measures. As a result, 7 educational centers/madrassas were identified in the vicinity of the site.
On February 28 PakBatt-7 donated four sets of solar panels along with electric accessories i.e., batteries, wires, bulbs, holders, connectors and switches – a step applauded by the UN. 
The heads of these madrassas thanked Pakistan Army for taking steps to empower the local community in becoming self-sustainable.



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