Pakistan Army Contingent in UNAMID Holds Medal Parade in Sudan

Pakistan Army contingent comprising a Battalion (PakBatt-7), an Engineers Company (PEC-10) and a Field Hospital (PFH-10) recently held a medal parade from March 23-26, 2019 at Kabkabiya to commemorate its year-long contribution in the UN and African Union Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID). Force Commander UNAMID, Lieutenant General Leonard M. Ngondi of Kenya was the chief guest at this parade. Several high level dignitaries from the Government of Sudan, local officials and international staff of UNAMID were also in attendance.
In his speech, the chief guest applauded contributions of the Pakistan Army contingent towards peace of Darfur and remarked, “Pakistan Army units and troops have proved to be the best in UNAMID and their performance and professionalism is visible to all in Darfur and UNAMID alike.” He specially thanked PakBatt-7, PEC-10 and PFH-10 and highlighted services rendered by the units. He added, “The people of Darfur will long remember and be thankful to Pakistan for their service.”


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