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Our Heroes, Our Pride

Every household of Kashmir depicts loyalty, unending love and unwavering support for Pakistan. To honor their sacrifices, a Wall of Martyrs has been established at Aftab Hussain Shaheed Army Public School through the efforts of 5AK Brigade.

October 24, 1947 is the day when the people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) gained independence from the clutches of Indian occupation. Since then, the day is celebrated with zeal and zest, while remembering the sacrifices made by the people in the struggle for AJK’s independence. The cabinet of Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, the first President of AJK, comprised of Captain General Syed Ali Ahmed Shah (Defense Minister), Syed Nazir Hussain Shah (Finance Minister), Khawaja Sanaullah Shamim, Khawaja Ghulam Uddin Wani and Mr. Mohammad Abdullah Bhalli.
The people of AJK remain committed to their aim of supporting their Kashmiri brethren on the other side of the border to gain freedom from India’s illegal occupation. Every year, the day is celebrated showing love for Pakistan and rallies are carried out in solidarity with the people of the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). The martyrs of Kashmir who have given their lives for the safety and security of the motherland are also remembered with honor. 
For the year 2022, the Independence Day was celebrated as a tribute to the martyrs who belong to Kashmir. 5AK Brigade has prepared a Wall of Martyrs at Aftab Hussain Shaheed Army Public School and College, Muzaffarabad, where photos of 21 martyrs are displayed. Altogether, 49 children of these martyrs have been admitted in the school free of cost. 5AK Brigade has taken the responsibility of the kids itself.
The inauguration ceremony of Wall of Martyrs was held at Aftab Hussain Shaheed Army Public School, organized by 5AK Brigade. Captain Ikram of 5AK Brigade made the event possible and successful through his untiring efforts. The uniqueness of this event was that all the kids were invited as chief guests. They arrived with the photographs of their shaheed fathers, and with the help of the staff, displayed them on the wall. Heart touching moments were observed during this event. At the occasion, Brigadier Mehtab Idrees, Commander 5AK Brigade, expressed his pride for these martyrs in his address to the audience. 

One’s heart gets filled with pride and honor when one looks at the Wall of Martyrs. These brave sons of Kashmir have proved their loyalty to their beloved country, Pakistan. They have given their lives and made the whole Kashmir proud of them.
These are not only 21 photos of martyrs on the wall, but 21 stories of bravery, valor and loyalty. These are the stories of families who dearly miss their loved ones, yet they are proud of their sacrifices and gaining the honor of a shaheed. This wall contains feelings and emotions of 49 children who miss their fathers and have a strong belief that their fathers are alive and are always watching over them.
Among these 21 martyrs is the photo of Naik Syed Shahid Hussain shaheed, who gave his life in 2015 in Khuzdar during an operation. His 11 years old son, Shayan Haider said, “I’m proud of my father. I always miss him. Sometimes when my little brother starts weeping, my mom tells us that our father is in Jannah and he is watching you.”
Muddasir Hussain, son of Tassaduq Hussain shaheed who embraced martyrdom in 2021, a student of 6th grade shared his feelings in the following words, “I have never loved anyone more than my father. He was so kind and loved us so much. On the occasion of Eid, our home looks empty and sad without him.”
Naik Ghulam Rasool shaheed is one among these 21 martyrs who made the whole Kashmir proud of him. He embraced martyrdom in 2017 during the massive firing of the enemy at Bhimber. He had been posted just 18 days before the incident. His 9-year-old son, Farrukh misses his father and always looks so composed and sensitive at such a young age. He wants to follow in his father’s footsteps.
Alishba, a student of class 3, is a proud daughter of Lance Naik Banaras Iqbal shaheed, who embraced martyrdom in 2020 during an avalanche at Gilgit. She shared her love for her father by sharing a page of her diary, which shows how much love this little princess has for her father.
Naik Sadaqat Rafique shaheed embraced martyrdom at Kharian due to an arson. His little son, Asad Sadaqat said, “No one can be like my baba. He was the one and only of his kind. When I look at other fathers coming to pick their kids up from the school, I miss him even more. My mother soothes me by saying that she comes to pick me on my father’s behalf too and I should enjoy this pride which he has earned for us, for the whole of Kashmir.”
Anum Shehzadi is the daughter of Naik Dilfraz Hussain Awan shaheed who embraced martyrdom during the enemy’s attack in 2020. She expressed her emotions by saying, “My father used to call me Shehzadi and he gave me this name. When I miss him, my mother always stops me from crying. But it’s really very hard to see my mother sitting alone with empty hands. I have often seen my mother staring at her palms quietly. I want her to wear bright dresses and stay happy”. 
These are only a few stories of a few kids and a few families. All martyrs have left a series of heart-wrenching and heart touching emotions and moments behind them. There are parents who have buried the dearest part of their heart in the soil with their own hands. It’s not only a wall, it contains millions of emotions of 21 widows who are bringing up their children all alone and have given a great sacrifice for Pakistan. The soil of Kashmir is proud of these brave sons of the soil, our great heroes, who have given dignity to every Kashmiri. They have set an example of bravery, loyalty, valor and patriotism by sacrificing their lives for the motherland. Pakistan zindabad!

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