Trumping Global Warming

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Climate change, a word used so often has almost become a buzzword. People say it all the time and usually it just skips over our minds without realizing its significance. The literal meaning of climate change is a long-term change in the Earth’s overall temperature with massive and permanent ramifications. Unfortunately, this sentence as dull as it sounds could be the cause of humanity’s extinction. The fact of the matter is it is very real and serious; but woefully some people still argue that it’s not real.

What bewilders 97.1% of the scientists who do believe that climate change is real are the climate deniers’ arguments. They argue that the climate has been changing since the first dawn and humanity is not causing it, but what they tend to overlook is the rate at which the climate is changing; and yes, 97% scientists also do believe that humanity is causing it. That means you, I and every other human will be known as the generation that killed life, if the climate continues to change rapidly.

The average climate that changes regularly is due to Earth’s orbital variation but this current drastic change in climate is caused by us burning fossil fuels, vehicular exhaust fumes, industrial fumes, fossil fuel extraction and other such activities. As humanity progressed with time, we increased our consumption of natural resources and consequently have dramatically raised greenhouse omissions. The generation to cause extinction, doesn’t have a nice ring to it. Does it? Why extinction though you may ask, dear reader, these excessive greenhouse gases trap heat radiated from the Sun and thus raise global temperature causing global warming and sadly we don’t have enough trees to absorb the greenhouse gases being produced.

The temperature has risen from 1.2 F° to 1.4 F° in the last couple of decades and if things continue down this road, by 2050 it will rise up to 6 F°. On paper this doesn’t seem like a huge number but let me put it in perspective for you, this means that the Amazon rainforest would be a second Savannah.

Furthermore, as a result of these rising temperatures the ice-caps from mountains melt. Just in the last two decades 400 billion tons of glaciers have melted. Hence causing a substantial rise in sea levels which could regrettably lead to many coastal areas to flood and disappear. Now I’m sure you aren’t remotely concerned right now but let me tell you this, 50% of humans living in coastal areas depend on coastal activities etc. This rise in sea level would mean extreme delocalization, land shortages and the huge amounts of construction being done in these areas would be lost leading to a humongous plummet in the property’s value.

Heat waves, hurricanes, forest fires, droughts and chronic shortages – this all will happen if climate change isn’t controlled. As former U.S. President Obama said, “This isn’t something in the distant future; climate change is already affecting us now.”

However, the thing is icebergs melting in the artic won’t raise the sea-level since the same amount will be dispersed because of them being in solid form in the first place but the troubling part is the repercussions it will have on the species living there. Polar bears, walruses, beluga whales etc. will become endangered due to the destruction of their natural habitat. Everything has a specific niche in the ecosystem and with species dying, the ecosystem will be largely disrupted.

Can you guess the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced worldwide? Well this may shock you but it’s probably a lot higher than you would’ve guessed, it is 32 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide released annually and this is just carbon dioxide gas, we haven’t even mentioned the other greenhouse gases. Most of it is released by companies that extract fossil fuel and then burn it, the extraction is more expensive than the bitumen extracted. Besides leveling the ground and cutting down trees it’s also a terrible move economically and business wise.

 The tar sands

Anyhow, I’ve been just stating facts about carbon dioxide being released but let me tell you something that’s worse and if not stopped soon will lead to our demise, I’m talking about methane. Methane is a greenhouse gas which is way more powerful than carbon dioxide and huge amounts of it have been trapped under the artic permafrost; and so as world temperature rises it melts the permafrost hence releasing a gigantic amount of methane into the atmosphere and eventually sealing our doom.

Nevertheless, it’s not all doom and gloom though we can’t eliminate the current affects of global warming we can nonetheless reduce it so that at least you, me and our future generations can see a brighter, more greener and cleaner Earth. As Dr. Ben Kirtman has said, “The debate should be about how we solve this problem.” And so in regards to his words here are some of the ways in which you can prevent global warming, and possibly change the world.

Firstly, rather than using high carbon dioxide emitting cars etc. use Teslas and hybrids. Riding on public transport, especially trains can help drastically reduce our carbon footprint. Start using carpools, they are fun because everyone enjoys doing carpool karaoke with friends, it’s better for the environment and saves up more money. Secondly, we can reduce the implications by recycling, turning off our electronics when not using them and eat more vegetables.


The most effective way to reduce carbon emissions is by using less non-renewable energy like fossil fuels and preferably adopt renewable energy sources like hydroelectric power plants, solar panels, wind turbines and desalination plants to obtain fresh water. By adopting these methods we can cut the yearly carbon emissions by one-third and if we get our act together we can stop 100% of the emissions by 2050. Even now England is making the biggest wind farm and Germany and Denmark are completely turning to renewable energy resources.

In short, if you and I together acknowledge the fact that we are polluting this Earth and causing climate change and resultantly have a more environmentally friendly attitude we can at least help by being a part of the change. But oh well why should we care when America, one of the most greenhouse gas omitting country pulls out of agreements that aim to stop us from reaching our early end. I guess you could say we aren’t going to trump climate change anytime soon if we keep this up. I hope you can find it in your heart to make this world a better place as it’s the little things that count and by doing your own little part to stop climate change we can make a big difference.

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