The Men in Uniform

Pakistan Army is full of courageous stories of men in uniform where they have risked everything in their lives and decided to go about their duty.

As the sun sets over the horizon of my country and these iridescent colours spread, it makes one think about those who respond to the call of duty. The men of the Pakistan Armed Forces, their sense of duty, dedication and sturdiness are awe-inspiring. These men are just like us yet it is their bravery that makes them extraordinary, putting them apart from the rest. These brave men know only to say ‘yes’ to every ‘move on’ order without giving a second thought to their lives. The only thing going through their mind is to serve this land and the cause of wearing this uniform. Laying down their lives in the defence and service of the country is considered a blessing and martyrdom an aspiration of every soldier. The conquerors or the Ghazis are decorated and honored. Celebrating their victories and showing gratitude for martyrdom is the tradition for these men. For these uniformed men, serving the country is the part and parcel of their lives. The custom of their honorable service and sacrifice has continued since the creation of this state.

Their love for the land is enigmatic in nature; nothing comes before or after it. Love for this land is the only inspiration for them. It’s the love of this land for which they wear courage in their eyes that sparkles in the feats that they perform. Keeping their duty to the motherland and family concurrent, these men give a courageous message to the rest of countrymen that despite a normal family life, they keep the nation their utmost priority.

These soldiers are not a supernatural creation; they have the same life as everyone else’s. People associated with them are also the same; their mothers, fathers, siblings, spouses and children. And yes, like these soldiers one must not ignore the courage of the people who are related to them, giving them support. These people are also in a continuous war-like situation when their men go to the frontline. They stand strong behind them so these soldiers go easily into the battlefield. The most powerful thing between these soldiers and their loved ones is ‘prayers’. Imagine a call from an officer that he makes to his family before going on any operation. Whoever he calls, both are aware of the fact that it may be the last call. Yet both remain resolute and often end up giving each other in the hands of the Creator.

Think of the battlefield, the targeted operation areas, the places where these men show real feats of courage. At this moment, only a soldier knows that there is a hidden battle that takes place within him to perform marvelous feats while fighting for his motherland. He has the same human faculties yet his training and unwavering love for the country turns him into a form of super human. One will concede that this is the spirit and courage that makes the young soldiers perform unbelievable feats of bravery which are expected only from a veteran soldier.

Wearing uniform is a huge responsibility that requires courage from the shoulders that choose to do it. Not only the officials from the military institutions look up to these men in uniform but most particularly the whole nation has hopes attached with them. In difficult times it has been observed that these men come forward to face every unusual or uncertain situation. No harshness of weather, no thunder of bombs or shells could make any difference to the stand that they have taken, for every soldier knows that they make the strongest wall of defence.

A soldier remains a soldier throughout his life. Even after he takes off the uniform, the sense of duty remains the same in his heart. The spirit to serve the land always rules the heart and no matter how old they get they remain forever-young at heart. They spend the rest of life with eternal love for the motherland and personify this enigmatic love in every sense. Eventually such retired soldiers become an institution in themselves.

Pakistan Army is full of courageous stories of men in uniform where they have risked everything in their lives and decided to go about their duty. They leave behind the people they love most. Some young officers even postpone their weddings happily for the sake of assigned tasks. Such is the sacrifice that even the very uniform is indebted to them for having worn it. The stories of these soldiers’ courage, service and sacrifice are many and great. In fact, this nation would always owe these brave sons. These men set out to serve the institution of military directly but prove to serve the entire nation indirectly.

Let me write it in the end that this uniform is not a common piece of fabric. It is a rank, a designation and most of all – the symbol of duty. History is a witness to the blood these men in uniform have offered to this soil to keep the green flag fluttering high.

Let’s pay tribute to every soldier who stands to guard this sacred land from the coast of Karachi, Gwadar, among the barren mountains of Waziristan, in the scorching heat of deserts to the freezing Siachen Glacier.

Long live Pakistan Army!

Long live Pakistan!

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