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Written By: Muhammad Asim Shahzad

It’s the attitude of people which defines the direction as a nation. Everyone carries a gallant role of nation’s development if people endorse their responsibilities towards themselves and their social circle in order to be a positive player. What makes them feel their responsibilities towards nation's development is their attitude.


We have many aspirations from people in our surroundings but never try to take a look on our own attributes. Generally, we keep on finding shortcuts to any problem encountered and never think about its side effects in terms of ethical, social and especially religious norms of our society while keep on blaming others (especially governments and people in our social circle) without having an eye on our own gesture. This is what a root cause why we "Pakistanis" are not treated as a respectable nation in the world. We have many reasons to make ourselves believe as a Proud Pakistani but when we change ourselves and change our attitudes. (I will mention later how we can change our attitudes towards national development)


"If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got"

Pakistan is called as a third world country despite of the fact that we have a potential to be the global economic hub. Let's have a look how we are contributing for promoting this image. A clerk level person in many offices (especially in most civil government offices) demands "Money for sweats/tea" (bribe) from almost every outsider want to have meeting with higher officials in any case, and he was appreciated by his seniors. Even its experience of mine that a chief of government department at provincial level ordered his subordinates to take bribe (he said word bribe) even from my father if he stands in front of you. This is the direction he set for his team under his supervision. so what will be their performance with respect to their profession which people of Pakistan assigned them. This is not limited to our government offices but also very common generally in private sector as well as in our society from lower level to higher level.


Let me give 2-3 examples, A person having dairy farm and live stock uses chemical compound injections and pasture in order to increase the milk production as well as to increase the weight of sacrificed animals, further more pumping water from high pressure pumps into the veins of sacrificed animal to further increase its weight despite of knowing the fact that the product coming after using these chemical compounds and these volume/mass increasing techniques are harmful to human health and lost their nutrition. Same is the case for almost every type of food stock.


Similarly a fuel transporter can save stealthily 300-400 litres of fuel out of 16000-18000 litres in between their journey in a single trip while using again a chemical compound in order to increase the volume of fuel temporarily in order to compensate that missing 300-400 litres fuel. This fuel in aftermaths lead to rapid engine distortion of consumer. Whereas mostly fuel station personnel doing the same by calibrating their dispensers to lower limits (as permitted by OGRA in case of CNG) of -2.5% i.e. consumer getting 2.5% less fuel, whilst in some cases fuel dispensers are set on -10% to -15%.


attithekey.jpgSo generally we all are playing our part in promoting this type of shortcut culture, a very common example is "Sifarish" (Killing merit) whenever anyone get a chance to do so (generally). From a police constable to higher government officials, from office clerk higher management official, almost everyone tends to play his part for his short term benefit without caring about its shortcomings on society at national level.


If we keep on moving with these "Der Hoshiyaries", we are destroying ourselves, our national image, and our national glory and forgetting our national heroes who gave their lives to save us, our future. Now we have to show our responsibility as an individual and as a nation as well. So the root-cause of many of our problems is our attitude. It is demand of this time to change our attitudes, work together with national spirit in light of our religious norms in order to be a respectable nation of the world and to encounter internal and external threats. God gifted us a geostrategic location on the globe enrich with almost all natural resources and. What required is to utilize them in a positive manner with a common goal as their is potential to do so.


We have examples in front of us. Japan having limited territory, 80% mountainous and unsuitable for agriculture; but is a second world economy. The country is like an immense floating factory, importing raw materials from all over the globe and exporting manufactured products in every international market. It was attacked by nuclear weapons, but they gain their present status due to their attitude towards national development after WWII. J. M. Juran, an American instructor in Japan warns U.S. officials in 1960'sdespite Americans are their instructors, Japanese will soon left American behind due to their devotion to the country and they did the same.


Switzerland, A small country which is an image of security that made it the strongest world bank. It doesn't grow cocoa but produces world's best chocolates.


Similarly our best friendly nation China starts it modern journey just after Pakistan's Independence and now became an economic superpower and will be the future superpower of the world. China consuming 1/2 of total worlds concrete and 1/3 of world's total steel production on its economic development. So why not Islamic Republic of Pakistan then.....We have all the potential but the difference is attitude. When conduct of people are analyzed from developed countries, it is observed that a majority abide by the following principle of life which is required by each of ourselves as well to divert our attitudes towards national development:


* Ethics

* Integrity

* Responsibility in light of society as well as religion  

* Respect to laws and regulations  

* Respect to other's rights  

* Love for work  

* Effort to save and invest

* Will to be productive  

* Punctuality  

* National Spirit and loyalty

Whilst Attitude of people are moulded by education, culture, religion, and national spirit beyond individual's level. We have to promote them as well at National Level


It's very common to blame governments for any matter nut it's not going to be productive until we change ourselves because government officials are being selected by us. If we are correct, good government will automatically come because governments are similar to the people of any republic.


We are in this state because we want to take advantage over everything and everyone.

We are in this state because we see something done wrong and say "Let it be"

We should have an spirited memory and Attitude. Only then we are able to change our present state and become among world's frontline states.

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